The only reason I opened the women's program was that I was laying across my mom's bed (Dr. Nellie Louise Woodlen) and we were talking, she said son why don't you help women you are helping men.  So I said mom is that what you want me to do and she said yes so that is what I did for awhile.  She gave me a blank check to get started with.  Every Month we received a big donation to keep this program running.  These girls had no money at all.  That is how I got started and kept it running.  Louise accomplished a whole lot with only going to 7th grade. I gave her her degree for using common sense in life, that's my mom.  She prayed her way through life.  She woke God up with so much praying helping people.

This  Certificate Of Achievement I bestowed upon my mama

for her life's accomplishments.

Dr. Nellie Louise Woodlen is eighty (80) years old.

She was a Waller her dad was Sam Waller.  

Lisa Breslin was the first one that I reached that checked back in with me.  She came through HTSH at 914 E 7th Street.  Some of the other women were housed at 2302 Carter Street as well as 914 E 7th Street.  Lisa Breslin came through the Harriet Tubman Safe House and then move on.  She has a job she likes and is doing well.  I went to see her just before Christmas 2016 and she was all smiles and looked great.  If you have a problem and want to change you can do just what Lisa did, but you have to want it.

The best Christmas present I got was the card from Lisa Breslin telling me how much she appreciated the help she got from the Harriet Tubman Safe House.

This is just some of the women who came through HTSH.  In these pictures some of them show the whole family that came as well as the initial client.

Social Services called us and said they had two (2) girls there and they had nowhere to go and had no money.  Thank you Dr. Nellie Louise Woodlen, my Mom for 
writing that check to help these women.
Christiana Hospital called us because she had nowhere to go.  We brought her into our program until she found a place to go.  I do not know if she is a 
Waller or not but she has a Waller Family Reunion shirt on. 
These two kids are my neighbors.  I knew their grandmother before their father was born.  Also, brother Mark who helps me renovate my houses.  Love you brother Mark without you I would have never made it. (see below)

These girls came to Delaware and got stuck here from Ohio with nowhere to go and had no money.  They interned in the Wilmington Job Corps until they were able to get into the Blueridge Job Corps.  By the way the inside picture was taken at 914 E. 7th Street.


Marcus Umoete and his Brother who are members of Canaan Baptist Church the original Designer [Marcus] of Harriet Tubman Safehouse Inc Web Page
Marcus is a pilot and fly's planes and is looking for work.  He helped to build this website.
Homeland Security:

This is Marcus' Brother who is going to school to be a chemist with their Mother in Church

Dwight Holden

Awesome meeting tonight. L-R Elder Ty, Dwight Holden, Former Mayor Jim Baker & Min Kenny Stanford.
Dwight Holden used to be head of Parole Board.  He took Keith to Delancey Street, him and two other guys.
Thank you Dwight for taking the time to take them to North Carolina to Delancey Street so they could get treatment.
This is a man who loves helping people he does not see color he only sees people.
Dwight is a Deacon at Canaan Baptist Church.
Parole Board:

The Van on the right is like one that Dwight drove to North Carolina to take the three (3) guys to Treatment.  I must say all three are doing good now, it works.

(right pic) are Keith Watson and friend Mums.

Keith Watson is what you would call a success story he received one hundred and forty (140) years did eighteen (18) and then did the program.

Every one knows Mums he helps a lot of people.  He sends money and when released helps them as well

Pastor Beaman on left and Pastor Bullock on the right in this picture are praying for the guards and inmates After the recent riot at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Dover.   Next they are going into a meeting to talk about what is going on in the prisons today.

Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. 

In the picture below you can see all the mail coming and going in and out of the prisons.  I (Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr.) am a volunteer and go in and out of Prisons visiting inmates trying to make a difference in their lives.


Coley Harris maxed out at 18 years

Out of the Ashes, LLC 

Where a seed finds life
 Patty Harris - Coordinator - 302-507-4823
Ahmarr Melton - Marketing - 302-300-89-37
Coley Harris - Product Development - 302-983-6543
Email -
Website -

Coley would like to thank the following for doing what was necessary to facilitate his release.

First to Carl C. Danberg, Commissioner, for all the good work he is doing in the prison system.

Beau Biden of the Attorney General’s Office for not protesting his release from the parole board.  He will not let you all down.

David Henderson of the Parole Board for the work he is doing for the guys who have been incarcerated before 1990 under the Old Law.

Also, Warden Perry Phelps of J. T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Ron Holsterman head of Treatment who has the inmates evaluated so they can get ready for parole, Kenneth Milbourne, Supervisor MDT Board and Ms. Carol Evans the Deputy Warden of the Crest and the Plummer Center for all the help she is there.  Everyone speaks very highly of her.

(Single Mothers Are Really Trying)

 Also that day Reverend Daniels was there to sponsor Teen Challenge with him.

 Pastor Bullock dedicated his sermon that day on Celebration of Recovery to Mrs. Plant a former State Representative for Delaware.

 Above is the link to the current State Representative.  A position that Hazel Plant held for the 2nd District for more than 10 years.
The women’s work release center was renamed after State Representative Hazel Plant as well.

Reverend Bullock just earlier mentioned that he and Reverend Daniels were going to fly up to Teen Challenge in a helicopter to start a drug program there.  Under Bullock's leadership and Reverend Ty from CTAC along with Reverend Daniels and Earl saved over one hundred (100) people in the Philadelphia area.  I would like to thank all of them for their good work in Delaware as well.

I remember Reverend Bullock when he came to 8th and Scott Baptist Church over twenty (20) years ago.  Back then before he came the congregation would just sit there and do nothing.  After Reverend Bullock came everyone would clap their hands stand shouting this is the place you want to be.  Those sophisticated high class people.

 I remember Reverend Bullock when he came to 8th and Scott Baptist Church over twenty (20) years ago.  Back then before he came the congregation would just sit there and do nothing.  After Reverend Bullock came everyone would clap their hands stand shouting this is the place you want to be.  Those sophisticated high class people.

Reverend Bullock received his 10th Pastoral Anniversary September 28, 2014. 

Deacon Manley of Teen Challenge also attends the Canaan Baptist Church these days.  He explains to me that he was asked to write a Grant for a Ministry about eighteen (18) years ago.  

Reverend Daniels, Reverend Bullock and Deacon Manley went up to Teen Challenge in Pennsylvania to see what the operation was all about.  They liked is so well they started a Substance Abuse program with them.  

Teen challenge would come down to Canaan Church from time to time and work with them.  They have been in a relationship for a number of years now.  

Currently Teen Challenge has their yearly Substance Abuse Ministry day at the Canaan Baptist Church.  Things have worked out well for everyone involved and we thank them for the good work they are doing with Teens.

Wayne Jefferson

Brother Wayne was brought up in the streets but now look what he is doing.  I knew this brother with I was a young boy.  He used to play the guitar and sign in bands at the New Mount Island Church around 3rd and Shipley Streets by Del Tech back when he was 12 or 13 years old.  I was a member of that Church back in those days.  It was the first Church my Mother took me to when I was about 6 years old.

Hope Winchester

Hope is from Wilmington Delaware and she was addicted to drugs for twenty years and then came to Canaan Baptist Church.  Canaan sent her to Disciple Outreach Ministries in Brooklyn, New York.  It was a one year program but it took her five years to get thorough it from 2004 until 2009.

Today she is an Evangelist at Canaan Baptist Church and works with the Overcomer’s Group.  Her Pastor at Canaan is Dr. Rev Allan Bullock.  Rev Daniels is also with the Overcomer’s Group Outreach and Ministry.  They go out in the streets and spread the word to those who seek it.  They tie in the twelve steps with the bible and how none of us are good and that we all need the lord in our lives to be better individuals.  Rev Daniels has been a great impact to those struggling souls.

Discipleship Outreach Ministries, 5220 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11220, Phone: 718-439-0077

Canaan Baptist Church

Hope Winchester

Rev. Valerie Scott is a Minister at Canaan Baptist Church. 

She Ministers at Baylor Women's Prison to give them hope, encouragement and a hug.

Valerie Scott with her Son at Canaan
Valerie Scott
Videl Rivera
Earl picked up Vidal Revera from the Webb Center and he stayer at the Harriet Tubman Safe House for six (6) or seven (7) months.  while he was there he joined Canaan Church and was baptized by Dr. Bullock.  Videl has moved on and is doing well.  We wish him all the best.

Webb Community Corrections Center
200 Greenbank Road
Wilmington, DE 19808

From left to right are Thomas Wynn, John Lane, Curtis Scott, Michael Williams and Earl Woodlen who received this award for being clean for several years.  Also, Kenny Wilson who was unable to be there that day.

Civil Rights Leader Al Sharpton Speaking at

Canaan Church in 2007 

(see left)

Al Sharpton
Jim Baker former Mayor in 2007

Penrose Hollins City Councilman for District 4

Pastor Christopher Alan Bullock

Penrose Hollins City Councilman for District 4
Pastor Christopher Alan Bullock
Jack Markell Governor of Delaware
James Johnson Representative for Delaware
Jack Markell Governor of Delaware former Governor
FREE Robert Saunders James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
Robert Saunders
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

I heard that the Representative went to the Smyrna Prison and talked with the officials there.
  As he walked through the prison he told them that they were doing good work at the facility.

While he was there he had a chance to speak with Robert Saunders about his situation.  Also, that he had plans to speak with the Governor on behalf of Robert Saunders the first chance he got.
Mr. Saunders has been incarcerated over thirty-five (35) years.

Rev Ty Johnson - CTAC

Rev Ty was at Canaan Church Sunday and he has been delivered from cancer.
Rev Ty is a member of New Destiny Fellowship with Rev Weeks.

Reverend Tyrone (Ty) Johnson

 I had a cards made for Rev Daniels when he was at 8th Street and one for Sandy Anderson from CTAC.  I would buy the cards and they would come and pick them up and pass them out on the streets and take anyone who was interested to the Treatment Programs.   These cards are about 15 years old now.

On the left is where Rev Ty had his office when it was the 8th Street Baptist church (CTAC) now it is know as the Resurrection center.

On the right is where he last had his office


Reverend Ty was a member of the 8th Street Baptist Church at 34th and Market Street, CTAC (Churches Take a Corner).  Pastor Bullock ordained him back then.  I started off volunteering with Reverend Ty and between him Reverend Daniels and Sandy Anderson between us we helped over 1000 people to get Treatment and some of them are still there in Philadelphia working and feeling good about life.

Sandy Anderson is one of the people (Miss Moses) who will get up in the middle of the night and she would take you to one of the Treatment houses in Philadelphia as long as you had an ID, back in those days.

When you get to Philadelphia you got $200 in Food Stamps and $200 dollars cash to help you Program.  This ran strong for over 20 years.

Elder Ty Johnson has been doing ministry for over twenty (20) some years and has been helping people.  He says our ministry is your ministry.  If you have been around Elder Ty you know he has that heart.
These are a few of the people that know him and came to say a few words about him and how he has effected their lives.

These badges were made possible because of Rev Ty Johnson from Churches Take A Corner (CTAC)

He talked to Governor Ruth Ann Minner who made it possible for us go into the prisons.

This all started back in 2002 or 2003. Rev Ty knew how to get the job done and make things happen.

We were sending so many people and taking so much money out of Philadelphia Reverend Ty had to get on the phone to Philadelphia in order for us to continue sending people there.  Everyone we sent there would receive $200 in Food Stamps and $200 in General Assistance.

I want to thank you Reverend Ty for working with me Brother.


Emanuel Dining Room Ease at 3rd and Walnut Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Not only is this a place to get meals but they also will help you get bus passes, your ID and they will send away for your Birth Certificate as well.  They do good work there in the community. 

Wilmington Mayor Launches "Cease Violence" Campaign

Ronald Brown is right on board

 Ronald Brown is from the East Side of Wilmington, Delaware.  He gave the State of Delaware approximately eighteen (18) years in prison.  He now works for Cease Violence Wilmington.  their motto is Identification, Protection, Interrupt, Interfere, Intervention, Risk Reduction, Change of Social Norms and Behaviors.

He got with Shawn Allen and went to training for Cease the Violence Cure the Violence and that is their motto.  They mediate conflicts and outreach work helping the young guys in the community to get their G.E.D., get into a work program.  the main thing is having the Community, Store Owners, Business Owners, Clergy, Councilmen and the Schools involved in this to make it happen.

I took from the community for thirty (30) years and now it is time for me to give back.  I have ten (10) men on my team.  We have two men on the east side of town and this is what I do to give back.

To all the nay sayers from the prison I say to them "How do you like me now".  They all said I would go back to selling drugs and just be a negative person in the community.  I am doing something positive and helping my community.  I'm needed right here.

The I-Adapt Program really helped me a lot and showed me that I can become somebody.  I-Adapt will help you get and Id, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and anything else you many need.  It is a great program.

Knowledge, comprehension and application is what I live by today.

Bethel AME Church
604 N. Walnut Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Phone 302-658-1617
Evangelist Keith W. Johnson

Evangelist Keith is an ex-street man from Baltimore.  Now look at him he is giving up the word.  He came to Delaware from Baltimore and saw the sign in Wilmington. A Place To Be Somebody.  He went through the Salvation Army and this is what you got from him now an Evangelist.  He preaches to the homeless faithfully every Sunday.  A lot of people come from the Sunday Breakfast Mission to hear him preach.  He believes you are not homeless you just got off track for a minute.  He also believes in treatment if needed.  Keith turned 53 in 2014.

Bethyl AME Church's first service starts at 7:30 in the basement.

Bethel AME Church
Salvation Army
Sunday Breakfast Mission

Above left is a picture of Keith Johnson's Family.  His wife and daughter and son. 

Are You in the Number?  --  There Is Room For You At the Inn -- Luke 2:1-6

 How many times did you make room for Christ in your life in 2014?  Did you share Jesus with other people last year?  Did you let someone in your Spiritual Inn?

Every Sunday at 7:00am in the Fellowship Hall we meet beloved people.  Some are at their end, some are at their beginning and some are just there.  Several Sundays ago, God gave me a message entitled, “There is Room For You at the Inn when You Have Reached Your End”.

A question kept nagging at me.  Are you in the number?  More than ever before, we are identified by a number.  Our social security number identifies us.  Now, our mobile phone number is used as a primary identifier.  Guess what?  Jesus is not going to identify us by a number.  We will be identified by our names.  Our names are being written in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 20:12,21:27).  Will you name be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life?  The world may reject you and lose your number.  Your phone number can be deleted by your family and friends or your identify can be stolen by an unauthorized person using your credit card number.  The Government has your number but does not know your name.  This is the same scenario Jesus’ parents find themselves in.  They are engaged, pregnant and mandated to travel to a Bethlehem to pay taxes because of Joseph’s family heritage.

Mary and Joseph were encumbered.  They were not able to travel quickly because of Mary’s pregnancy term.  The bumpiness of the long trip coupled with the stress of not knowing created a stressful situation know as a hot mess.  When they found a place they could afford, there was no room.  Mary and Joseph were at the end of their options.  The King of Glory, the Savior of the world, the anticipated Messiah arrived on the scene with a situation, “We ain’t got no place to stay with a baby on the way!”

What do you do when you face a reality with an ain’t no way situation?  The absence of room at the inn and the birth of our Savior in an animal trough symbolized Jesus’ willingness to enter a place and space in society where no one else wanted to be, particularly a young couple about to have a baby.  Enclosed in an animal shelter surrounded by non-talking creatures, the Messiah enters human history placed in a wooden trough in preparation to leave on a wooden cross.  His birth was not in elegance surrounded by excited family and friends waiting with baited breath.  Our 7:00am worshippers are not surrounded by the opulence of stained glass windows, simply the openness of our Inn for many men and women at different stations in their lives.

In 2009 Pastor Beaman’s vision was to make our 7:00am worship an integral part of our worship experience, no differently than our 8:00am and 10:00am services.  My wife and I began ministering to the 7:00am worshipers after Reverend Kenneth Stanford and Reverend J.B. Redding served.  By the grace of God and His faithfulness, we minister to over 120 people on some Sundays.  My wife, Noreen has attracted many women and families to our 7:00am worship experience.  God uses her as a ray of hope and a living testimony that God can heal and deliver.  We have witnessed miracles and watched God transform many lives.  One Sunday a member of our church began to have seizures.  Before the ambulance arrived, he as eating breakfast.  On the same Sunday the Spirit of Healing fell on a man who had back problems.  He got healed.  Now, our members are bringing other members to church.

Our Spiritual Inn has an anointed and awesome team.  Maime Baynard is our worship leader.  Fred Baynard is our psalmist.  Our secretary and assistant secretary are Theresa Freeman and Shirley Larke.  Our chaplain is Louis Smith.   Our Intercessors and committed partners in ministry are Melvin Phillips, Cheryl Drummond-Jones, James Benson, Diane Young and Max Cross.  Partner in ministry with us or on 4th Street on the last Saturday in August for our Outdoor Ministry and Outreach.  Help us tell those who yearn to know, there is room at Bethel AME Church, our Spiritual Inn, a place where your name will be known and your heart will be felt.

 Keith turned 53 in 2014.

Below a few Video's of Praying and Sermons at Bethel AME Church.

Rev. Beaman and his wife, two kids and a granddaughter in church at:

Bethel A.M.E. Church
602-604- North Walnut Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

"A Church that Cares"
"A Neighborhood Church Doing Ministry In Our Neighborhood"

The Rev Dr. Silvester S. Beaman, D. Min. Pastor


 Two video's of the Rev Dr. Silvester S. Beaman
doing Communions in Bethel's basement.

8- Earl thanking Rev Daniels and Dr. Bullock at Canaan Baptist Church for all Their Good work they Do (64).mp3

TROSA Treatment Facility in Durham, North Carolina has over five hundred people there between clients and employees.  Click below to see their video.

   Click below to see the TROSA video.

move coverdale here 

Mike Coverdale is a TROSA Graduate.  TROSA is a very good program in Durham, North Carolina.  I hear they have from anywhere from 300 to 500 people programming there from all over the world.

Mike shows that you can be successful in what you are trying to do once you get your life in order.

TROSA Website:

VA Website:

 Timothy Maurer standing outside of Reverend Daniel's Van.  Reverend Daniels purchased the bus ticket for Timothy to attend TROSA.

 Tim Maurer being prayed for by Christine Word before going to TROSA.

2- Earl's Grandma Praying for Tim Maurer going to TROSA (Earl at End).mp3

 Kevin McDonald President of TROSA and Earl Woodlen the CEO of HTSH at two of Earl’s clients, that he sent to Trosa, graduation.

 Christine Word and Evangilist Tucker going home to Lynchburg, Virginia after a visit with the Tucker brothers.

Virginia Aires from Chesapeake Virginia
Drugs a trick of the enemy somebody wants to be free.

7- VA Aires-Drugs.mp3

 Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

 Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist.  
He always worked for the civil rights of the people of Africa.  Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to dismantle the country's apartheid system. 
In 1994, Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first black president.  He served as President from 1994 to 1999.  Mr. Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity.


Devon Hanson
Collation to save our Children

Dr. Sylvester Beaman
Senior Pastor 
Bethel Church

Dr. Christopher Bullock Senior Pastor
of Canaan Church

 Richard Smith


 Dwight Holden
Ex Chairman of the Parole Board now works for the Mayor of Delaware.
He is also Deacon at Canaan Church.

 They all came together to march for saving our children. 

David Pierce
Warden James T Vaughn correctional Center

 I would also like to acknowledge these individuals for their outstanding work at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

David Henderson
Chairman of the Parole Board

Cindy Atallian
Head Counselor/Prison Coordinator

Ron Holsterman
Head of Treatment

When Earl interviewed the inmates they told him that now the complaints are being addressed and the people who are working under the ministration of the Warden are being disciplined as necessary.

 I want to thank Commissioner Coupe for letting me come into the prison to try and help the inmates with their problems.  I think he is doing a good job.

 I want to thank Cindy Atallian for helping with the scheduling of the appointments to see the inmates.

 As I talk with the inmates they tell me that Ron Holsterman is doing a good job with addressing their complaints with what he has to work with.

If you were sentenced under the old law you have an opportunity for Parole.  If you were sentenced after 1990 under the New Law you have to do your time.  It is mandatory except for good time earned.
There are approximately 200 to 300 inmates that were sentenced under the old law before 1990 that are yet to be considered for parole.

 The parole board is being fair and inmates are being released.  They are allowing the inmate to be paroled. 

Ira Shy a new man and his music.
A man who never let God out of his life.

Ira my my...this is Earl Jr. talking... I remember as a young boy laying in bed listing to WILM (AM-1450, Wilmington, Delaware) radio station and heard all the time over the radio that the police were saying they just arrested Ira Shy again and they were taking him down.  
He finally received a sentence for eight to ten years.
That was the old days Ira Shy has cleaned his life up now.

Ira talking about his past and his new life and how it has changed for the best. 

Ira now has a CD out called
Ira Shy | I Need Someone To Sing To
To Purchase Ira's CD you can call or email him

01. Track 1.mp3

02. Track 2.mp3

03. Track 3.mp3

04. Track 4.mp3

05. Track 5.mp3

06. Track 6.mp3

07. Track 7.mp3

08. Track 8.mp3

09. Track 9.mp3

10. Track 10.mp3

Outreach In the Hood 

 Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. received the Blackwell Award from the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael A. Nutter in 2009.

Mr. Woodlen recalls receiving a call from the Mayor’s office of Philadelphia telling him they wanting to give him an award for the work he does in the community.  He stated he was not going to go to Philadelphia because of the crazy stuff he used to do back in his early days in Philadelphia.
The Mayor’s Office persisted and even sent a limo to pick him up for the Award ceremony.  Everything turned out alright.  

 It is fitting and appropriate that the City of Philadelphia officially recognize Mr. Woodlen with this Citation for his outstanding service to the community and selfless commitment to fellow citizens of Philadelphia.

 The City of Philadelphia also wanted to give Mr. Woodlen  the house below to help with his Treatment Program but at the time he did not have a strong team to pull it off.  The house would be for when he had people who wanted to come to Philadelphia so they would have a place to live.

Below are guys who we worked with and they went on to better themselves.  They are success stories in my book. 

Sallee has done a lot of things that he regrets but now he is working to help others. He is a paralegal now and has helped a lot of people while he was incarcerated.
He is involved with the Wilmington Resurrection Project, Innovative Design and Self Concept Restructuring. He is hoping to help the conscienceless of the community and to change peoples minds to see how they see themselves.
 If you change the way they see themselves, other peoples lives and the community in general for the better they are not so inclined to do things that are detrimental to themselves.

 Silk has been to Philadelphia Programs and the last program he went to was the Salvation Army, this is what they do there.

The Salvation Army:

Lamont Davis

Lamont did 17 years in prison.  He is now in the Bethesda Project, Project Home Program.  He is in the Bon Jovi Connolly House of the Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They all know and sing Bon Jovi's song Wanted Dead or Alive.

Wanted Dead of Alive.mp3

Vincent Allen

Vincent was a drug addict since he was eighteen (18) years old. He was sentenced to thirty three (33) years in 1983. He did twenty (20) years at James T. Vaughn and was released in 2003. Vincent says he is grateful for the assistance the Harriet Tubman Safe House for supporting him with his Parole and then finding employment. HTSH he says is instrumental in saving lives of people like him. Vincent wants to give a shout out to a few Brothers that are still down there in Smyrna. Tyaire, Edward Fountain and Tyrike. He says to keep praying because God works. For the Brothers who have made it out and are doing well he shouts out to Shy a Christian Gospel Singer, Mike Simmonds who went through work release and is out there working now, Mike Benson, Alfred Burley and George Robinson. To those who did good work at Smyrna Vincent wants to acknowledge Miss Stevenson, Captain Hazard, Percy Phelps and Mrs. Lewis who ran the Greentree Program until she passed. I know it is a hard job but keep doing what you are doing as it helps… a lot.

Kenny Jervey

Kenny grew up in the neighborhood and has been around for forty (40) years.  He was an alcoholic and Drug Addict until Earl help him to get into New Jersulum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He got clean there and has eight (8) years clean today.Kenny works for Brandywine Construction Company and has a small business himself doing Construction.
Kenny says to anyone with a problem to get into a program and get your life together like he did.  You will not be sorry you did. 
Kenny Jervey

Kenny grew up in the neighborhood and has been around for forty (40) years.  He was an alcoholic and Drug Addict until Earl help him to get into New Jersulum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He got clean there and has eight (8) years clean today.Kenny works for Brandywine Construction Company and has a small business himself doing Construction.
Kenny says to anyone with a problem to get into a program and get your life together like he did.  You will not be sorry you did. 


Marvin Grayson
Marvin went to Joshua Achievement Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  While there they gave him a whole new way of thinking and just how life really is.  Basically, Marvin says they show you how to live again and the tools to turn your life around.  They also help you find work and get your mind back on track.
Marvin also thanks Harriet Tubman Safe House for getting him in touch with Joshua Achievement Center so that he could have a second chance with life.  

You can see what Joshua Achievement Center has to offer at their website below:

Pastor -- David M. Jones
Co-Pastor -- Dianne P. Jones 

James Smith

James Joshua Achievement Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2007 and graduated in 2013.  He is going on eight (8) years clean from drugs and alcohol.  James says his life has never been the same now that he is clean.  When he went in he was on probation and in the court system but now he is a free man.

James is doing ministry now and keeps in touch with Joshua Achievement Center.  He has a men’s fellowship in Wilmington, Delaware and he is involved with opening recovery houses in Philadelphia and Wilmington.  They are at 8th and Church in the East side of Wilmington, Delaware and 20th and Burks in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The phone number for North Philadelphia location is: 215-765-2209. 

If you need help or know anyone who needs help give James a call at: 302-298-6909.  The only requirement to get into the program is a willingness to get sober and an ID.  Once you are in the program you are supplied with welfare, housing unit, job training and assistance with just getting your life back together.

On Sunday mornings they offer Church Services and Bible Study.   On Thursday nights they have Bible Study as well.  They have prayer every morning at 6:00am.

James would like to acknowledge Mr. Earl Woodlen of the Harriet Tubman Safe House for recognizing that he needed help and got him the help needed in Philadelphia so that now he is a new man.  Also, that all the Brothers that Earl has sent before him and after him to Philadelphia.  He knows a lot of Brothers that are happy that Earl is here mentoring and directing them in the right direction and sending them to Philadelphia.  Otherwise, James says he would not be here today.

Bethlehem of Deliverance Church
Joshua Achievement Center

Pastor -- David M. Jones
Co-Pastor -- Dianne P. Jones 

Gina Folkes-Linzey
Here is another individual that we sent to Joshua Achievement Center.
Gina left on March 9, 2016 at 2:45 on the Septa Railway to receive Treatment.  I do not know who it was who paid for the Septa tickets but I want to thank Amtrak for sponsoring the Harriet Tubman Safe House with the tickets that day.

 Gina leaving home

 Gina waiting for Septa

 Gina heading to Joshua

 God's grace of a ticket

 Joshua Achievement Center is a long term Treatment Program for Drug and Alcohol abusers.  They help to turn people’s life around.

This picture of Christine Word, Lucia Tolliver and Louise Woodlen was taken at 33rd Street in Norfolk Virginia. We made a visit there to see Lucia.  Lucia prayed for the guys as well when they came out of prison so we can't forget about her.
JJ is the man standing in the back of the picture.
He is one of us street boys but he ain't talking.

 Evangelist Christeen Word is praying for Chris Sterrott.  She came through Wilmington from Lynchburg Virginia and since she was here I had her to pray for Chris while she was here.  When these guys get out and come to Harriet Tubman Safe House I can only hold them for thirty (30) days because I do it out of my pocket with no grant money.
 As we are speaking Chris has done what was asked of him and he is headed over to The Salvation Army to a long term program.

The Salvation Army:

Francis Thornton 

Grandma Praying for Francis Thornton.mp3

 Joseph Conte

Grandma Praying for Joseph Conte.mp3

Larry Bass 

Grandma Praying for Larry Bass.mp3

Michael Wilson 

Grandma Praying for Michael Wilson.mp3

Troy Brown 

Grandma Praying for Troy Brown.mp3

Thomas Lynn Fleetwood 

Grandma Praying for Thomas Lynn Fleetwood.mp3

James Byers 

James Byers - Grandma.mp3

Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams.mp3

 Carrie Dugan of the Kent Wellness Clinic referred
Thomas Fleetwood to us.

Brother Wilson did Mr. Fleetwoods Interview for
Project 4ever Striving.

Thomas Lynn Fleetwood - Brother Wilson 4ever Striving.mp3

Pastor David Jones of
Joshua Achievement Center

  Mayor Jim Baker of Wilmington - 2009

Mayor Baker of Wilmington showed up at Beautiful Gate when Mr. Woodlen received the Award that day.  He appreciated his time to come and great him and show support for the work he does.

The City of Wilmington’s citizens are pleased to support Harriet Tubman Safe House, Inc. in its mission in the Treatment and Recovery for Individuals who have abused Drugs and Alcohol. 

 These are just some of the people Harriet Tubman Safe House sent to Philadelphia for treatment through the years.
They are still their doing good.


Calvin Martin 

This is Calvin when he was young at 8th street Baptist church on Scott Street which is now called the Resurrection Center.  He was in church as a little kid and then he left but he came back to the flock to where he is supposed to be.  This was a Christmas gathering for the kids in the neighborhood.

Top row second from right is Calvin

Here is a brother who goes way back with me.  We used to shoot marbles and played basketball together.  He fell down but he got back up.   Now he has his life together and is moving on in a positive way, his name is Calvin Martin.

I picked him up at the prison and brought him to my program and he worked hard to move on and get his life back on track.  He is back in church serving the lord as he used to when he was a kid as well.

Ronald Brown
Cease the Violence at 6th and Madison Street doing outreach giving out water ice to everyone is Ronald.

Ronald Brown says we want to make sure we have a safe park and I am out here to make sure we stop killing each other.  We are all brothers and sisters we need to love each other.  To the brothers in prison I love you all and I am out here trying to make a change for all of us.

 Remembering Herbert Spence

 Herbert Spence has been in Treatment all of his life.  This is a man who at seventeen (17) started down the wrong path from Ferris Detention Center for Boys, to James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna and then to the Delaware Psychiatric Hospital, 1901 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle, Delaware 19720.

Ferris School for Boys
9050 Centre Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19805

Delaware State Hospital
1901 N DuPont Highway
New Castle, Delaware 19720

Spence went to Warner Elementary School, Bayard Middle School and Wilmington High School.  While in school he was on the way to being a superstar pitcher.  He could through the ball 100 miles an hour. I also remember we used to shoot marbles at 3rd and Clayton Streets and he always wanted to be clean.  That was just the way he was he had to have his nails clean.  He also wanted his cloths to be pressed so he would look good out there on the street for the ladies.

Later when I would go to the State Hospital to see Spence I would tell the nurse to bring three white guys and three black guys to the lunch area and I would bring them hamburgers, French fries and sodas for all them.  Then Herbert would say he wanted potato salad, chicken and greens instead.  I then went to my Mom and told her that was what I needed for my next trip to see him and she made it.  That got to being good to him so he then requested pig’s feet, and all kinds of other stuff.  After a few times that they shut me down then and I could only come and see Herbert from then on.  If I would bring him something to drink in a glass and he would say Earl, I can’t have that because I do not want any trouble.  He did not want to cause any problems with the nurses at the Hospital.

Herbert Spence will be missed dearly by all you had the pleasure to know him.  He was a great guy.

John 14:1-4 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”

 We pray for your joy and that the peace of God be with you during this time of celebration and remembrance of his life and accomplishments.

Shooting Marbles just like Spence and I used to do. 

 Rev Arron Moore did the Sermon at
Herbert Spence’s funeral.
Manna Christian Fellowship Church

Herbert Spence's Funeral

 Friends Rembering
Herbert Spence

Pictures of Herbert Spence 

This man said to me Earl I want Burger King and I said you are one of my boys and I went and got it for him.

 It was this guy’s birthday so I gave him 20 dollars.

Three whites and three blacks they got McDonald's and Gatorade or whatever they wanted.  Michael Jackson 2rd on left he lived with me He was released from the state hospital to me.

 I love those brothers in the state hospital.  We are trying to make a difference ya’all.  We do not see people as a color we see them as human beings.

Michael Anthony Jackson
He was released to me from the State hospital at 1022 W 5th Street back in the day before I started doing my re-entry Program.  All he did was smile and help anybody.  He was a good friend of Herbert Spence

I want to thank Louise Woodlen (left) for supporting me with the guys at the State hospital.  I have the best mom in the whole wide world.  Christine Word (right) prayed for Herbert and the rest of the men.  Christine is a Prayer Warrior.

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