Across the country, there is an epidemic regarding pet overpopulation. Over crowding in these shelters has caused millions of innocent animals to be euthanized every year.  In some cases, shelters try to accommodate at 200% capacity just to ensure the animals safety. Stray animals face many dangers on a daily basis, especially ones abandoned by their own families. They could get hit by cars, carry deadly diseases, or end up in the wrong hands of the wrong people. 

Just like the ASPCA and other animal rights organizations, we strive to protect the rights and safety of ALL animals. But we do need your help! We can't fight the battle against animal cruelty by ourselves. 

If you donate to our cause,we can post a picture of your pet on our website. If you do not have a pet, we accept all kinds of donations - food, toys, blankets, sheets, water/food bowls. Any single item will help an animal in need. 

You can e-mail the pictures at:


Links to Other Sites that help Animals 


Thanks for Funding 

It keeps this site open!

We are in need of a car and a house to continue providing our services to people who need it most.  If you have either and would like to donate, it would be tax deductible.  We are a non-profit organization. 

Contact Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. at 

1.302.425.5758 for more details.

You could also donate gas cards, stamps, or a money order in any amount.  It would be very much appreciated and it is for a worthy cause.  Send to:

Earl W. Woodlen, Jr., at

700 N. Buttonwood Street

Wilmington, Delaware 19801


 Pit Bull Pride of Delaware, Inc.
They are dedicated to providing loving homes for pit bull and bull terror dogs.
You can find out more about them at their website:

Paws for People
Pet-Assisted Visitation Volunteer Services
P.O.Box 9955
Newark, Delaware 19714

State of Delaware Division of Fish and wildlife

Kent & New Castle County: 302-739-6139
Sussex County: 302-855-1901
Director Davis Saveikis - 302-739-9910

Delaware Nature Society

Ashland Nature Center (Admin Office):
3511 Barley Mill Road (physical address)
PO Box 700 (mailing address)
Hockessin, DE 19707
Tel: (302) 239 - 2334

Mr. Tubman, the Harriet Tubman Safe House Mascot and Home Cat

Mr. Tubman is a cat we rescued on March 15, 2011 and gave him that name.  As you see he is living a good life at 700 Buttonwood Street.  He is an onory little fellow and does not like to be held but comes running when it is time to eat.  At night time he is at the door ready to go out and roam, he comes back in the morning ready for a snack and sleep.

 The Delaware S.P.C.A. --

M-F --  8:00am to 4:30pm


 Earl W. Woodlen,Jr., partners with the SPCA and donates his time to help feed the animals.  He brings his own food for the animals at times as well.  This helps the SPCA with the feeding of all the animals.

Mr. Woodlen is contacted all the time about animals people do not want or can no longer care for.  If there is room at the SPCA they will allow Mr. Woodlen to pick up the animals and bring them there to be taken care of and hopefully adopted.

He also get calls to just come and capture an animal that is being a nuisance and release it in a secluded area for wild life.
We are in need of donations for cages of all sizes and for the feeding of the animals at HTSH and to help care for the animals that come and go.

 This is a pig we had to rescue from someone's who had it at their house.  I took it to the ASPCA and they are looking for a farm to take him to.  We just don't help just help dogs and cats but any animals.

This picture is of a friend my mine who volunteers at the ASPCA.  I am a volunteer there as well, now we need some help and donations are always appreciated.

Animals we have buried and gave a place to rest. 

 My name is Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. the CEO of the Harriet Tubman Safe House here in Wilmington, Delaware.  I rescue animals or provide a burail if that is what is needed.

I get calls to come and pick up some poor dead animals that were just left in the street from time to time.

These are some of the animals that I picked up from the street and gave them a decent burial.  We say prayers for them before placing them in the ground and marking there burial spot.

If you have an animal that has recently died and would like to have him burred for a small donation I will come and pick your animal and give them a decent burial on my property.

You can contact me at: 1.888.513.8585.


Someone called about a dead deer in the road and asked if I would handle its removal.
I came and had the deer removed for them.  They gave me a donation for doing it.

WRCRowing called me to come and rescue these birds and bury them.

They gave a donation for me doing that. It is good to know people care about animals.

I was called to come and pick up a dead cat from a lady. I came and picked it up and gave it a nice burial on my property. I want to thank her for the donation she made for me doing his for her. We have a lot of animals burred on my property.  You can help to keep this going by donation any amount you can.  Please send it to:

Harriet Tubman Safe House, Inc.
914 East 7th Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Cell:    1-757-513-8585
Office: 1-302-425-5758

 I received a call from Amtrak stating that they had a dead bird lying in front of there property and needed it removed.  I was asked to please come and pick him up.  I said that's what I do, yeah, I'll be there.  I was asked how do I run my business and I told them by donations being I am a non-profit organization. I am still waiting on a donation from Amtrak.  

I did go and pick him up and laid him to rest beside other animals buried on my property.

 We want to thank Harry's Savory Grill for the free dinner and gift card to us to come and pick up the dead bird in from of your establishment.

Thank you for working with us and our rescuing animals and giving them a decent burial service and burial.

 Pettinaro Real Estate called me and said they saw one of my flyers and know what I do with rescuing animals and said they had a dead bird on their property and needed it removed.  

I came and picked up the bird and gave it a decent burial. Someone from the Pettinaro's office gave me a donation for doing this for them.

This is the cat property on 700 N Buttonwood Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. 

If you would like to make a donation you can send a donation to Harriet Tubman Safe House at 914 E. 7th  Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, this will help us to rescue and find a home to animals on the street.  We also have ten (10) cats that live at our Cat Rescue Center there.

Billy Johnson is the man who takes care of the Animals.  He was living at 
700 N Buttonwood Street, Wilmington, De 19801
Pictures of our Supporter's Pets

 We have received e-mails from grateful and helpful people that have made donations. If you do not have the finances to donate that's ok just send us or e-mail a picture of your pet and we will place it on out website. It's all about helping each other.  We currently have fifteen (15) cats on our property.  That is why we had another facility built to handle all the animals we handle.

Professional Wildlife Removal

If you come across a dead animal please call: 
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Removal
Call and ask for John at:  302-388-2663


The Harriet Tubman Safe House cats eating their Thanksgiving Dinner.