Harriet Tubman Safe House supporting cases that fall under
President Bush's Second Chance Act

In 1993 or 1995 the Klan (KKK) had a march down Maryland Avenue across from the park.

I was there to protest the march because I do not think it was wright for anyone to not show their face for what they were marching for. Where I am from I want to see who you are not hiding behind a hood.

There were people
from all over the world. Teachers, Probation Officers, Professional People all who felt the same way but they do not have on a robe or or hood hiding their face. They did not Hate people just because of the color of their skin. There is good and bad in all races.

 The letter on the left is for Earl Woodlen's participation in Jury selection service all of which show the dedication of Mr. Woodlen and his organization toward the community and it's citizens.

Since the time of Martin Luther King Jr. up to President Obama's election there has been efforts to give inmates a second chance at having a life without the stigma of being in prison.

Martin Luther King, Jr. : http://www.thekingcenter.org

Second Chance Act

Signed into law on April 9, 2008, the Second Chance Act (P.L. 110-199) was designed to improve outcomes for people returning to communities from prisons and jails. This first-of-its-kind legislation authorizes federal grants to government agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide employment assistance, substance abuse treatment, housing, family programming, mentoring, victims support, and other services that can help reduce recidivism.

Below are Inmates who will benefit from President Bush's 2nd Chance Act whom we are supporting and their story.

Mel McAllister

Below is a Video made by Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. of Abdul Akbar, the Brother of the man that Mel McAllister killed back when he committed his crime.  Mr. Akbar fully supports Mr. McAllister’s early release and prays for the Governor’s signature on the Pardon decree.

Mr. Akbar has spoken to and visited Mr. McAllister on numerous occasions and fully supports his request of a Pardon.

It is also Mr. Akbar’s family’s opinion of the situation and they are praying that the Governor will sign the Petition for Mr. McAllister's Pardon as well to help Mr. McAllister one day be a free man.

I (Earl W. Woodlen, Jr.) serve my country and now one of my Brothers needs help and I think Mel would be a good Candidate for the Harriet Crossfire TC 21 Program in a position of Security or Labor there.  We know he will hold his Ground that's a given.  He will not back down and if he is working for you he will do whatever it takes to protect your company its workers.

Governor Carey needs to check in at the Pardon Board because a man who committed two robberies and killed a person was sentenced to only fourteen (14) years.  He went up right before Mel McAllister.  Mel McAllister received life without parole for killing a man.  What is wrong with this picture?

One man gets only fourteen (14) years and yet another man gets life without the possibility of Parole, you decide if it is fair to the man who has no chance to ever see and hold his wife and perhaps children (that he may have, I do not know) ever again while the other man with good behavior could be released in half that time and be able to go home to his family and friends.

If you are so inclined you can contact the Governor of Delaware

John C. Carney Jr.

Carvel State Office Building

820 N. French Street, 2nd Floor, Wilmington, DE  19801



I know of some individuals who have offered to hire Mel McAllister left, when he is available to work, for them.  We are not asking for the Governor to let him go now. We are asking the Governor to take the mandatory life part of Mel's sentence out and just give him a sentence where he one day can be able to go up for release.


Below are two Petitions that I circulated for signatures of people who support Mel and what he is trying to do.  Also, is a copy of the support letter the Harriet Tubman Safe House created and sent off to the Pardon and Parole boards as well as to the Attorney General.


Likewise if you are so inclined you can write Mel at

Mel S. McAllister


Sussex Correctional Institution

Po Box 500

Georgetown, DE 19947

Below is the Bunk in the room that Mel would occupy when the time comes at Harriet Tubman Safe House.

Read more about the Harriet Tubman Safe House at
Also pass our link on to your friends so they can see just what is going on in

 Preston and Paul Tucker 

The James T. Vaughn Correctional Center and the Parole board have been doing a good job paroling inmates as late and I want to thank them for that.  I must say most of the guys paroled have stayed clean and out of trouble.

James T. Vaughn is doing a good job also, keeping the inmates in a safe environment while they are incarcerated there.

Paula Tucker their sister asked if I would bring her down to visit her brothers on Labor Day.  While I was there her brothers said to me, Brother Earl, Do you have any power down here and I told them no.  If God sees fit for you to be paroled after serving twenty eight (28) to thirty (30) years, and the Parole Board thinks you are ready it will happen.

They both admit they committed the crime they were sentenced for and if the system sees fit to parole them we will support them in any way we can.

We support them both for Parole after doing the Crest and Work Release programs downstate.  Then hopefully they can obtain employment at one of the poultry factories down state and start their lives over there.

I must admit after interviewing these guys I found them to be in good health and able to work.

Christine Word came from Lynchburg Virginia to pray for Paul & Preston Tucker who are doing life.
At J.T. Vaughn Correctional Center.
They are family.

Paula Tucker 

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

Warden: David Pierce

Deputy Warden: Phil Parker

Deputy Warden: James Scarborough


David Henderson - Parole Board Chairman

Carvel State Building

820 North French Street

4th Floor

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

 Poultry Processing Plants in Lower Delaware


Mountaire Farms
29005 John J Williams Highway
Millsboro, Delaware
(302) 934-1100 

Mountaire Farms of Delmarva
Hoosier Street
Selbyville, Delaware
(302) 436-8241 

Mountaire Farms of Delaware

701 W Sunset Avenue

Greensboro, MD

(410) 482-6043


Allen Family Foods Inc

18752 Harbeson Road

Harbeson, Delaware 19951

(302) 684-1640

Allen's Hatchery Inc

126 North Shipley Street

Seaford, Delaware 19973

(302) 629-9686

 J D Hudson Inc
Route 3 Box 185
Millsboro, Delaware 19966
(302) 934-7445

21724 Broad Creek Avenue
Georgetown Delaware 19947-6307
(302) 855-1350

200 Savannah Drive
Georgetown Delaware 19947
(302) 856-0941

225 S Rehoboth Boulevard
Milford Delaware 19963-1568
(302) 424-2600

255 N Rehoboth Boulevard
Milford Delaware 19963-1303

L. C. Weeks - Mississippi

Mississippi Innocence Project

University of Mississippi School of Law

P.O. Box 1848

University, MS 38677

Innocence Project New Orleans (operates in Louisiana and Mississippi)

636 Baronne Street, 2nd Floor

 New Orleans, LA 70113

For More Information call

Mrs. Joyce Ward (Sister) 1-662-491-1575

Mrs. Janice Stewart (Sister) 1-228-357-0074

 L C. Weeks, Jr. (# 29909) 

Marshall county Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 5188 - 833 West Street - Hollysprings, MS 38634

      The Story of an Innocent Man -- The L. C. Weeks Story

            The Judicial System in the State of Mississippi has denied Justice for an Innocent man that is fighting for his freedom. Mr. L. C. Weeks is an innocent man charged with the offense of Capital Murder.  He was framed by a state informant, Juantray Bradford.  Mr. Bradford testified that he was told by Mr. Weeks the events that led to the murder.  Also, a convicted sheriff was employed to assist in the framing of Mr. Weeks as well.  A Sheriff of Humphreys County, Mississippi stated that Mr. Weeks told him about the crime in the county jail when they both were there.  Since Mr. Weeks’s conviction witnesses now began to recant their testimony.  No physical evidence has been presented that links Mr. Weeks to the murder.  He has a conviction based on no physical evidence and no eye witnesses.  The Mississippi Judicial system has failed to establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  L. C. Weeks, Jr. was arrested in 1997 for murder that roiled the tiny Mississippi town of Belzoni.  He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the alleged crime.  Since his conviction evidence has been presented that shows that Mr. Weeks was actual innocent of the crime.  There is no physical evidence that has been presented that links Mr. Weeks to the murder.  Mr. Weeks contends that it is clear now that the doubt plaguing his case can never be adequately addressed.  The lace of scientific or relevant physical evidence has made it impossible to resolve with any degree of certainty.  The inability of the courts to resolve these uncertainties has shaken public confidence in the Judicial System and under such a cloud of doubt would do nothing but further undermine that confidence.  Public faith in the integrity of Justice in Mississippi is at stake and it is for this reason that a retrial be granted to Mr. Weeks. There’s a conviction based on no DNA evidence, no physical evidence and no eye witnesses.  The Mississippi Judicial system has failed to establish Mr. Week’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Under the Circumstances has been an appalling miscarriage of justice.  Mr. Weeks has become a symbol for every one of us.  He is a symbol of struggle and hope.  Mr. Weeks has spent too many years in those dark chambers of death.  Without the voices of any civil right leadership and the masses across the nation pointing out the injustice that has occurred this incident has been swept under the rug.  This is getting more and more outrageous because we the people have not stood up like we should, uncompromisingly, and refused to accept it.  Someone is being snatched up right now, just like that.  You or someone else could be charged for something that you do not know anything about and with no opportunity to gain access to information.  Supporters around the community maintain Mr. Weeks innocence insisting that he was framed by an informant that wanted a lighter sentence and law enforcement that worked with the sheriff that was convicted for fraud to help convict Mr. Weeks.  On top of that attorneys have maintained that Mr. Weeks was victimized by a rigged racist legal system which unfairly manipulated evidence, excluded blacks from the jury and coerced witnesses to testify falsely against Mr. Weeks.         Following a number of court appeals which went all the way to the Supreme Court.  Mr. Weeks now remains imprisoned for life without the possibility of parole.  Mr. Weeks is asking for a full measure of justice, that he has in common with all mankind and is entitled to receive, comes before this nation that so rightly and justly weights in the balance of justice the merits of every man's case and asks that the same rule, law and yardstick used in all other cases be applied to all the facts, circumstances and conditions surrounding this case that now wraps him in the mantle of life without the possibility of parole. Mr. Weeks wishes for nothing more than what he should receive and nothing less, the right to a review of his case and the horrible tragedy perpetrated on him in the name of the justice.   Law is fundamental, sacred and holy, false testimony, confessed false testimony; knowingly giving false testimony has consigned Mr. Weeks to his untimely doom.  We as a community can reach no other conclusion and for this judgment to be permitted to stand would constitute one of the most outstanding judicial mistakes of all times.  It seems that what has now been developed Mr. Weeks is being ordered to the gallows out of respect to technical rules and that the merits have been subverted instead of being held aloft and that such a result is not only an injustice but is hurtful to the law and detrimental to that high regard in which it should be held.

Curtis Davis, Jr. -- Mississippi 

Mississippi Innocence Project
University of Mississippi School of Law
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677

Innocence Project New Orleans (operates in Louisiana and Mississippi)
636 Baronne Street, 2nd Floor
New Orleans, LA 70113

More Information
Bishop Curtis and Mary Davis

Curtis Davis (# 141274) - Marshall County Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 5188 - 833 West Street - Hollysprings, MS 38634

Curtis Davis has been charged with capital murder by a convicted felon with a firearm. The same day he was indicted the DA told his lawyer that during the autopsy of the male victim body DNA was found under the fingernail area suggesting that he and the killer got into a struggle.

If the DNA turned out to be his, the State wanted the death penalty if not then he was to be acquitted. That was March 2010.  In April 2010 his lawyer filed a motion telling the court to proceed with testing of the DNA to either exclude or include him.

The sheriff and Mr. Davis went to take a polygraph but once there the sheriff stated no testing would be given.  Mr. Davis was to either confess or the sheriff would lock up his then wife, her mom, and have Social Services take his children. After a few hours of threats he confessed but did so under duress because the Sheriff threatened to cause harm to his family.

Finally on June 1st the DNA was taken. August 31st he plead guilty due to pressure from his lawyer to accept manslaughter/felon with a firearm.  Nine (9) months after he was convicted his lawyer got tired of lies from the DA as to where lab reports were so he contacted Jim hood who made the court turn the reports over.

The DA’s office stated to prior trial counsel before I was convicted, the lab reports were not in their possession. Now eight (8) or nine (9) months after I was convicted my trial counsel had to contact the State Attorney General who contacted the Court and within hours the reports surfaced.

Now with my case being on appeal the Court States that they did have the lab reports but trial counsel overlooked them after they were made available to him.

The lab reports stated and proved Mr. Davis was excluded as a contributor to the DNA found atthe crime scene and therefore innocent.  The fingerprints on the barrel and trigger area of the murder weapon did not match his either just another factor proving innocence.

A Brady violation occurred by the trial court, now the lab reports are newly discovered exculpatory evidence that cannot be argued in court.   Mr. Davis is in prison, and has been stabbed twice all because the trial court withheld the truth that he did nothing and was innocent. Mr. Davis needs to be moved to the county jail until an evidentiary hearing is given or he is outright exonerated and released for his own welfare.

His lawyer filed the first post-conviction to the court then quit.

Now I've continued my case pro se and in Mississippi especially the circuit court district in which I was falsely convicted racism is still a factor along with the injustice there.

Now the only evidence against his is his forced confession. But that should have no merit nothing once lab reports surfaced stating It was not my DNA.

The court is given according to legal standards of due process nine (9) months from the time the last brief is filed to render a decision.  The last brief was filed in September 2014. Now due to the lab reports being key, if an evidentiary hearing is granted it must take place within this nine (9) month period by the trial court.  

Now he needs help by any means in making sure that within the next 4 months the Mississippi court of appeals decides according to law and concrete exculpatory evidence. Mr. Davis is in prison for nothing other than the fact that he was forced to confess to something he did not do in order to keep his family safe from harm.

Mr. Davis is asking for all the help that can be given to him immediately because his case is up for a decision and does not want to continue getting treated unfairly especially since he is innocent.

 To summarize, his case is now in the court of appeal on docket.  He has argued ineffective counsel, a Brady violation, newly discovered evidence being both sets of lab reports, and actual innocence. The withholding of exculpatory evidence automatically overturns a case but now the trial court states his trial counsel knew of and lab reports and they were available to him before he plead guilty.

Mr. Davis’ case and what's been filed can be looked at on the Mississippi Court of Appeals and the Mississippi Supreme Court Website.

Case Number: 2014-CP-00088-COA

Gibson Hall - Delaware

A Comparison of Justice of Gibson Hall and Walter Scott's death by Police Officer, Michael T. Slager

Here is a man (Gibson Hall) who had a gun coming down the steps because he was being harassed by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.  

When he came down the steps with the gun as he was trying to make it outside the gun accidentally went off  and the bullet struck and killed his Mother.  There was no evidence of Mr. Hall and his mother having any animosity between each other at all.  In fact they had a very good relationship. How can a jury find him guilty for murder when the gun accidentally goes off.

I can't understand how when a Police Officer, Michael T. Slager shoots a man eight (8) times shown in the video and in the back no less and then the video shows him throw something down by the man as to lead you to believe he had some kind of weapon.  We can not get a guilty verdict from the jurors... something ain't right with this picture.

With all this evidence showing what really happened how can the jury, jury, jury, not find the police officer guilty of murder when the evidence shows in fact he was guilty, even the commentators reporting on this situation said it was murder in their opinion.

In Gibson Hall's case there was no evidence showing that he intended to shoot his mother but the officer, a video showing all the evidence you needed to convict, that he murdered that man, the jury let him go even though it showed the officer planted something down by the body of the man, but the jury convicted Mr. Hall with no evidence at all to prove intent or anything close to it.  This was an accident plain and simple.

This is what we think should have been done in the case of Gibson Hall.  Talk to people and really looking into the facts and not just glance over them and say yeah that is what happen.  Dig for the details.  The jury needs to take into account all the facts.  How could they have found Mr. Hall guilty of murder when a lot of facts were either ignored or not taking into account.  The jury just focused on what they were told and not really looked at the evidence the jury, jury, jury did not do their job in his case.

I am Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr, and I think Gibson Hall's case should be reopened and looked at in more detail.  William Mann concurs and would like to see it reexamined as well.  This is not justice at all.

Below is the video of Police Officer, Michael T. Slager shooting Walter Scott.

Here is a picture of Officer Slager shooting Mr. Scott, he has got about two (2) or three (3) shots in him at this point.

There were eleven (11) whites and one (1) black individual on the jury.  The one on the end is the one who hung it up and did not get justice for Walter Scott.
I do not understand this picture at all, it does not look good, I do not know what when down here.

Herbert Spence - Delaware

Robert Saunders - Delaware 

 Delaware Inmates who would like a Pen Pal 

We need funding to Keep this Site open.We are in need  of a car and a house to continue providing our services to people who need it most. If you have either and would like to donate, it would be tax deductible. We are a non-profit organization.  

Contact Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. at 

1.302.425.5758 for more details.

You could also donate gas cards, stamps, or a money order in any amount. It would be very much appreciated and it is for a worthy cause. Send to:

Harriet Tubman Safe House

700 N. Buttonwood Street

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Anyone who is interested in having a pen pal who is incarcerated and does not want the inmate to know your address you can send it through our office.  We will forward your letter.  If you need to contact us our e-mail is htsh@comcast.net.

Bruce J. Carr
SBI#: 178712
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna, DE 19977

Donald Cole

SBI#: 00281479

James T. Vaughn

Correctional Center

1181 Paddock Road

Smyrna, Delaware 19977

Gibson Hall

Prison#: 110502

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

1181 Paddock Road

Smyrna, DE 19977

 Shamba N. Jones

SBI#: 210865

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

1181 Paddock Road\

Smyrna, DE 19977

Jeffrey Kinsler

Prison#: 189254

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

1181 Paddock Road

Smyrna, DE 19977

James Lewis

Prison#: 410257

Howard Young Correctional Institute

P.O. Box 9561

Wilmington, Delaware 19809

Walter Stokes, Jr.

SBI#: 087540

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

1181 Paddock Road

Smyrna, DE 19977

Desi R. Sykes

Prison #: 225936

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

1181 Paddock Road

Smyrna, DE 19977

Allen J. Weikel

Prison#: 0021337

Sussex Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 500

Georgetown, Delaware 19947


Virginia Inmates who would like a Pen Pal 

Victor Alvelais

Prison#: 1029870

Powhatan Correctional Ctr.

3500 Woods Way

State Farm, Virginia 23160

William Armstrong
Prison#: 1049733
Augusta Correctional Ctr.
1821 Estaline Valley Road

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Bernard Barnes
Prison#: 1165160
Coffeewood Correctional Center
P.O. Box 500
Mitchells, Virginia 22729

Floyd W. Bouldin, Jr.
Prison#: 1155151
Augusta Correctional Ctr.
1821 Estaline Valley Rd.
Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Craig E. Brown

Prison#: 1178927
Deerfield Correctional Ctr.
21360 Deerfield Drive Capron, Virginia 23829

John Paul Carruthers 
Prison#: 1190286
Sussex One State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Dirve
Waverly, Virginia 22891

Demetrius M. Day

Prison#: 1046683

Powhatan Correctional Ctr.

Statefarm, Virginia 23160

Dock Hill-Bey

Prison#: 1037826

Greensville Correctional Ctr

901 Corrections Way 

Jarratt Virginia 2387

Kevin Antonio Hunter
Prison#: 1156714

Augusta Correctional Ctr

1821 Estaline Valley Rd

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Douglas James
Prison#: 1043049
Coffeewood Correctional Ctr
P.O. Box 500
Mitchells, Virginia 22729

Stanley Bernard Jarvis

Prison#: 1134759

Sussex 1 State Prison

24414 Musselwhite Drive

Waverly, Virginia 23871

Jimmie Johnson
Prison#: 1139256
Buckingham Correctional Center
P.O. Box 430
Dillwyn, Virginia 23936 

Charles M. Knight

Prison#: 1072956

Coffeewood Correctional Center


P.O. Box 500

Mitchells, Virginia 22729

Lee Knowlin

Prison#: 1169171

Powhatan Correctional Ctr.

360-0 Wood Way

State Farm, Virginia 23160

George Koulouris

Prison#: 310768

Sussex 1 State Prison

24414 Musselwhite Drive

Waverly, Virginia 23936

Desi A. Lewis
Prison#: 1106971
Augusta Correctional Center
1821 Estaline Valley Road
Craigsville, Virginia 2443

Robert Locke

Prison#: 1134888

Powhatan Correctional Center

State Farm, Virginia 23160

Michael W. Owens 

Prison#: 149344

Powhatan Correctional Ctr.

State Farm, Virginia 23160

Eugene Page 

Prison#: 1165304

Pocahontas Correctional Ctr

P.O. Box 518

Pocahontas, Virginia 24635

Haneef K. Rasheed

Prison#: 1064300
Augusta Correctional Ctr.
1821 Estaline Valley Road Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Curtis L. Slade

Prison#: 1114650

Augusta Correctional Ctr.

1821 Estaline Valley Road

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

Maurice Darnell Smith

Prison#: 1082460

Nottoway Correctional Ctr.

P.O. Box 488

Burkeville, Virginia 23922

Jerry Johnson

Prison#: H02770

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

PO Box2349

Blythe, California 92226

Joseph R. Tucker

Prison#: 1044715

Augusta Correctional Center

1821 Estaline Valley Road Craigsville, Virginia 2443

Antione Watson

Prison#: 1196199

Sussex 1 State Prison

24424 Musselwhite Drive

Waverly, Virginia 23891

Kenneth Williams

Prison#: 1079173

Augusta Correctional Ctr.

1821 Estaline Valley Road

Craigsville, Virginia 24430

William M. Custis

Prison#: 1201469
Lawrenceville Correctional Center
1607 Planters Road
Lawrenceville, VA 23869


Other States - Inmates who would like a Pen Pal

Aretrrious D. Angry

Prison#: HU0007

SCI – Forest

Dorm DV-1028

P.O. Box 945

Marineville, Pennsylvania 16239

Sherman Brice

Prison#: PG2948

CTF-Soledad State Prison

P.O. Box 689

Soledad, California 93960

Terrence Cavitt

Prison#: 1126427

Darrington Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, Texas 77583

Jack Chanda

Prison#: 1342

Kamfinsa State Prison

P.O. Box 21596

Kitwe, Zambia


James Crayton

Prison#: 808421

Connally Unit

899 FM 632

Kennedy, Texas 78119

Harold John Cuff

Prison#:  345271

Eastern Correctional Ins.

30420 Revells Neck Road

Westover, MD 21890

Marion Dixon

Prison#: 168515

Maryland Correction Training Center

18800 Roxbury Road Hagerstown, Maryland 21746

Daniel Dotson

Prison#: 127542

Graceville Correctional Facility

5168 Ezell Road

Gaceville, Florida 32440

 Tina Duke

Prison #: 1187587

Lee Arrendale State Prison

P.O. Box 709 SMU-F5

Alto, Georgia, 30510

Johnnie A. Echols

Prison#: K55233

California Training Facility Soledad Central F-255

P.O. Box 689

Soledad, California 93960

Johnny Evans

Prison#: 398657

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

P.O. Box 174

St. Gbariel, Lousiana 70776

 Leroy Davis

Prison#: 088398
South Bay Correctional Faculty
P.O. box 7171
South bay, Florida 33493

Cherie L. Forstein

Prison#: W87377

Valley State Prison For


P.O. Box 92 (D1-4-4UP)Chowchilla, California 93610

Clay Allyson Gardner

Prison#: P04206

CTF-Central – F-124

P.O. Box 689

Soledat, California 9396

Elmer Grant, Jr

Prison#: 10248007

Florence Max ADX

P.O. Box 8500

Florence, Colorado 81226

Nathaniel Lee Green, Sr.

Prison#: AP6515


1 Kelley Drive

Coal Township, Pennsylvania 17866

Dennis W. Greer

Prison#: 155727

Draper State Prison

2828 Alabama Highway 143

Elmore, Alabama 36025

Anthony Hale

Prison#: 134105

MCF – Lino Lakes

7525 4th Avenue

Lino Lakes, Minnesota 55014

Ustadh John Hall - Yahya                               Prison#: BK8971

Dallas Prison

1000 Follies Road

Dallas, Pennsylvania 18612

Betty Hansen
Prison#: W30086
Valley State Prison for Women
W-30086 D1-28-2L
P.O. Box 92

Chowchilla, California 93610

Samuel B. Harper

Prison#: GC-5717

SCI - Huntingdon

1100 Pike Street

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 16654

Justo Hernandez

Prison#: 01327118

C. T. Terrell Unit

1300 FM 655

Rosharon, Texas 77583

Michael J. Hogan

Prison#: 454210

Marion Correctional Institute

P.O. Box 4501 ACI

Lima, Ohio 45802

Cleveland S. Jenkins

Prison#: D42936

Correctional Training Facility

D-wing 315L

P.O. Box 689 

Soledad, California 93960

Manuel Jimenez

Prison#: P28283

C.S.P. – COR

P.O. Box 3461 (3A04-242)

Corcoran, California 93212

Juma Johnson

Prison #: 761798

Robertson Unit

12071 FM 3522

Abilene, Texas 79601

Kevin A. Johnson

Prison#: E63602

Ironwood State Prison

P.O. Box 2199 / A4-103

Bytale, California 92226

Leroy Johnson

Prison#: 06A3925

Wende Correctional Facility

Wende Road

P.O. Box 1187

Aiden, New York 14004

Thomas Johnson

Prison#: R12117

Hamilton Correctional Institutional Annex

11419 SW Country RoadJasper, Florida 32052

Lon Lane

Prison#: 1059982

Ellis Unit

1697 FM 980 Road

Huntsville, Texas 88343

Juan Marquez


John B. Connally

Prison#: 899 FM 632

Kennedy, Texas 78119

Clayton Gene McCormack

Prison#: D14828  A 1 148

Pleasant Valley State Prison

P.O. Box 8500

Coalinga, California 93210

Robert Dale Millegan, Sr.

Prison#: 00887658

Dept. of Criminal 

Justice System

3001 Smily Drive, 4D36B

Beeville, Texas 78102

SeMario McNair

Prison#: 1034958

High Desert Sate Prison

P.O. Box 650

Indian Springs, Nevada 89070

Walter J. Miller

Prison#: 88C0758

Collins Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 340

Collins, New York 14034

Anthony Ott
Prison#: K40669
C.S.P. Solano (14-V-4-L)P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville, California 95696
Vacaville, California 95696

Wayne Purcella

Prison#: 63232

Hightower Unit

902 FM 686

Dayton, Texas 77535

Gerlad W. Randle

Prison#: 331890

Alfred Hughes Unit

TR 2, Box 4400

Gatesville, Texas 76597

Wayne Resper

Prison#: 274319

North Branch Correctional Institution

14100 McMullen Highway, S.W.

Cumberland, Maryland 21504
Jeffery Ross
Prison#: B89578
California State Prison - Solano
P.O. Box 4000Vacaville, California 95696

Charles Silas

Prison#: K83618

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, California 94974

Antonio Smith
Prison#: 165351

Easterling Correctional Facility (F-2-49-B)

200 Wallace Drive

Clio, Alabama 36017

Jerome Smith

Prison#: 140855

W. E. Donaldson

100 Warrior Lane

Bessemer, Alabama 35023

Justin Spence

Prison#: FB8536

SCI Coal Township

1 Kelly Drive

Coal Township, Pennsylvania 17866

Nashawn Stewart
Prison#: K88707

California Mens Colony-Easet

P.O. Box 8101
San Luis Obisp, Californa

Terry Ullrich

Prison#: H9047

CSP Solano II


P.O. Box 4000

Vacaville, California 59696

Leroy Walker

Prison#: EQ7869


1100 Pike Street

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania


Martin T. Wall

Prison#: 84D0105

Collins Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 340

Collins, New York 14034

Tracy Williams

Prison#: 351340

Eastern Correctional Ins.

30420 Revells Neck Road

Westover, MD 21890

Bruce Wise

Prison#: 126284

Roxbury Correctional Ins.

18792 Roxbury Road

Hagerstown, Maryland 21746

Corinthian McCoy
Prison#: 099361 
East Arkansas Regional Unit 
P.O. Box 180 
Brickey, Arkansas 72320

Perry Young
Prison#: 252478
McCormick Unit
386 Redemption Way
McCormick, South Carolina 29899

Deon Knowles                    Prison#: V31048
SOL Level II
Dorm 14-19-2up
P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville, California 95696-4000

Rodolfo Ruiz
Prison#: 1522056
George Beto 1 Unit
1391 FM 3328
Tennessee Colony, Texas 75880


Kenneth Johnson
Prison#: A:S-250518
Elmore Correction
3520 Marion Spillway Road
Elmore, Alabama 36025

Christopher Piggott
Wallens Ridge State Prison
P.O.Box 759
Bigstone Gap, Virginia 24219

Steven Ryan
Valley State Prison
PO Box 92
Chowchilla, CA 93610