What we do is a virtual summary  of who we are , who we help, and how we can help you. You will see the organizations that are in our network helping inmates who are in incarcerated. We have footage of what goes on in the prisons, so you would see that our loved ones need passion not prison. We are passionate about treatment and we are passionate about people who are in recovery. We all play a part and please support us and out partners that are helping people that society have gave up on. Click Donate to Support Us. We cannot do it without you. 

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My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. and this is how it goes down these days from overseas to the good old USA.The type of work we do for the inmates.

Harriet Tubman Safe House CEO,
 Earl W. Woodlen, Jr.

These are the kind of guys I like to try and help turn their life around.
Louisiana State Penitentiary Inmate Drug Use, Gun in Cell, and gambleling 
The video below shows guns, drugs, and money in prison and we know that some of these inmates need treatment not jail. They need education not incarceration. Without formal training and access to treatment, out love ones leave prison more addicted than they went in. It is out job at Harriet Tubman Safe House to educate the public so that can be aware and be motivated to do something about. Please support Harriet Tubman Safe House Inc, so we can continue to help the public.

Video has emerged from a Federal court case showing inmates in a New Orleans city jail using drugs, drinking beer and brandishing a gun. Mayor Mitch Landrieu says Sheriff Marlin Gusman bears ultimate responsibility for the city jails. (April 4) - Associated Press (see below)

Earl Wallace Woodlen Jr., is an ex-drug addict and drug dealer and currently the CEO of The Harriet Tubman Safe House.  He gives acknowledgement to thank all the white, black and other nationalities of police officers in Norfolk, Virginia and Wilmington, Delaware that scared him straight.  Also the State Police of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  He ran through all these states with his dirt.
Mr. Woodlen is a volunteer at the Wilmington Hospital, Christiana Care Facility and has over 3,000 hours of service.
Mr. Woodlen says the best thing that happened to him that was back in 1968 he moved to Norfolk
Virginia at 406 W. 35th Street, Norfolk, Virginia and started again in a new environment.  He went from an all Black school to a town that had all different types of nationalities, if was an Navy town they bused kids from the Navy base. The name of the school was J.B. Stewart 
If you are in the same situation I was in you can contact me and I will help you.
Drug Dealers, Drug Addicts and Street Walkers come on contact me I can help.

If you have a relative who has a drug problem contact me and I will get them in a FREE drug program.  All you have to do is have a phone and I will handle it from there.

A drug dealer has money cars and houses, you are a drug addict your selling drugs to support your habit you need to go to a treatment center so contact me. (see right)




Tony Loeffler has been using music to share his testimony faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ for over 47 years. He was inducted in the Blues Hall of Fame in 2014. Using music as a platform has opened amazing doors of opportunity as Tony has performed on four continents and shared his music and life with the general public and with over 1 million inmates worldwide. In 2017, he produced the first Christian Festival in the country of Cuba and also did two special Blues events, one at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana and House of Blues at the Factory of Art also in Habana. The 2nd Blues encounter in honor of Dexter Gordon was held at the Casa de Cultura de Plaza, Verdao where the Jazz Plaza arose in 1980. These photos are of some of the great musicians that Tony has had the pleasure of performing with over the years. All his music is available on CDBaby.com. ENJOY!




By providing individuals Treatment it saves the state (Taxpayers) $25,000 dollars each year by not having to house, feed and provide medical care and services to them.  It also helps to put the drug dealer out of business.  They are losing 200 to 300 dollars or more a week from each addict who now no longer uses.
Hey drug dealer. you can't win, there are cameras everywhere and everyone is working with the police.  Call me, I am a street counselor ex-drug addict and dealer who has been clean for over (20) twenty years.  Whatever you have left give it to someone or through it away and call me and come to Delaware if you are not already here I can help you. 
You can reach me at 1.757.513.8585.  You can find me on Facebook also. Just go to Facebook.com login and search for Earl Woodlen.  You can also contact me at my E-mail address  earljr1@comcast.net.

 We offer a Pen Pal Program for anyone doing Life.

Inmate Drug Use and Guns in Orleans Parish Prison Cell

Juan Carlos "El Peje"



This is a teaching on the DUNAMIS power of God. 

It includes testimonials regarding the release of Dunamis power on the mission field and in the prison system. 

It talks about the amazing characteristics of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords illustrated through the human body. 

The GREEK word Dunamis is used 120 times in the New Testament,  Loosely, the word refers to “strength, power, or ability.”  It is the root word of our English words “dynamite, dynamo and dynamic.”

*  2 Cor 4:7  We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power (Dunamis) is from God, not from ourselves.

*  Eph 3:20  Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power (Dunamis) at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Psalm 24, the old testament mantra for the temple is discussed leading to a discussion of the doors and gates in our life, which the Bible refers to as the new temple of the living God. "Do you not know your body is the temple of the living God?"

Then it concludes with several powerful decrees for healing of the body and soul based on the promises of the living God.

This recap is well presented by Rev. Tony Loeffler


Gift of Freedom Fund 

Another partner of Solid Rock Ministry Gift of Freedom and they help to provide Bibles it as many inmates as possible.  For the books and Bibles you can email Marilyn Gulliksen.  Her email is marilyn@solidrockadvisors.com.

If you do not have email capability you can write Marilyn Gulliksen at The Gift of Freedom Fund, P.O. Box Colorado, springs, Colorado 80962.

I would like to point out that Greg Rice is the author of 
Gift of Freedom.  He spent his time and devotion in creating something to enlighten individuals about his life experience.

Life on the Verge Ministry 

Life on the Verge is a ministry dedicated to reaching the streets and the incarcerated church.

We minister to thousands of inmates throughout the United States each year with programs that feature concerts, preaching, teaching, Bible distribution, water baptisms and communion services.

Mark and Suzan Mason founded Life on the Verge in 2011 after serving the local church for over twenty years as youth volunteers, youth pastors, worship pastors and church planters. Though their teen years were filled with drugs and juvenile deliquency Christ's redemption has led to lasting marriage, a strong family and decades of ministry.

Life On The Verge Ministry
Mark and Suzan Mason
Life on the Verge
5564 Hatteras Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Website: http://m44604.wix.com/lifeontheverge
Email: mark@lifeontheverge.com

To keep up with  things and reach as many people as possible they use technology so there is no reason why you cannot get in locate them to see what they are doing.

Blog: mylifeontheverge.com
Twitter: @lifeontheverge1
Facebook: facebook.com/lifeontheverge
Instragram: lifeontheverge

                   Renee Palmore Beaman
     Beautiful Gate Outreach Ministry

Mrs. Beaman started the HIV testing, prevention and treatment clinic at the Beautiful Gate Outreach located at 604 N. Walnut Street in Wilmington, Delaware 19801. www.bgate.org.

For her efforts to lower the HIV infection rate in New Castle County, she is honored as part of The News Journal's 25 Who Matter, a series profiling people working to better their communities.  She has a Bachelor's of Nursing from Tuskegee University.

Her husband, the Reverend Silvester S. Beaman, is the Pastor at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church located at 602-6-4 N. Walnut Street also in Wilmington, Delaware 19801.  www.betrhelwilmington.org

Services there are at 8:00 and 10:00 am.

Evangelist Keith Johnson of Bethel AME Church’s Homeless Ministry, feeds the homeless. Their service is at 7:00am where he gives up the word of God.

Beautiful Gate Outreach supports our program here at Harriet Tubman Safe House.

Bethel AME Church & Beautiful Gate Outreach Center Recognizes Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. for leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Pastor Beaman handing Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. the
Community Advocate Award on November 16, 2008.


Pastor Beaman handing Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. the
Community Advocate Award on November 16, 2008.

Earl W. Woodlen, Jr.

Passing out condoms at Beautiful Gate Outreach Center

We send clients to FREE 1 and 2 year Treatment Programs

We firmly believe treatment is the answer-NOT JAIL SENTENCES! We offer a one year and two year Treatment Program in Durham North Carolina. The Program is TROSA (www.trosainc.org).  I went down to see them for their one year dinner celebration. The next three pictures are of a couple I took to detox about two years ago. Seven days later I picked them up and sent them to Philadelphia to the Joshua Achievement Center (http://bodjac.com/). That is them standing together in front of my sister's (Joyce Ann Woodlen) beauty salon at 123 N. Franklin Street in Wilmington, Delaware after they had completed the Program. This is what Philadelphia and their Treatment Centers can do for you.

You can always contact the HTSH my (toll free) number 1.888.515.8585  or 1.302.425.5758 and come to Delaware and I will get you into a program either here or in another state.

Below are Treatment Facilities that may be able to help you with your Substance Abuse. All you have to do is contact them and see if they have any vacancies.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse – National Network Referral Hotline. 
877-726-4727. English and Spanish

TROSA (North Carolina)

1820 James Street

Durham, North Carolina 27707

Cheryl Rose – TROSA Intake


Delancey Street Foundation
100 Turk Hill Road 
Brewster, New York 10509 
Ph:  845-278-6181 
Fax: 845-278-2326

Delancey Street Foundation (California)
600 Embarcadero
San Francisco, California

Delancey Street Foundation
400 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, California

New Jerusalem Now
211 W. Norris Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121
Ph: 215-763.8806
Ph: 215-820-1143


Save the Seed
Waldof, Maryland

Teen Challenge International, USA
P.O. box1015
Springfield, MO 65801
Fax: 417.862.8209

de druga en espanol
Hogar Crea International, Inc.
314 Hanover Avenue
Alentown, PA 18103
Phone: 610-820-8200
Fax: 610-820-8300

House of Pride
105 South New Street
Dover, DE  19904
(302) 677-0116

Victory Outreach
Inter nations

Lebanon Rescue Mission
Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program
439 South 6th Street
Lebanon, PA  17042
(717) 273-2301

Joshua Achievement Center
2016 W. Berks Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121
Ph: 1.215.765.2209

Salvation Army
Ph: 302-654-8808 – 139 Treatment
Ph: 302-472-0750
No Sex Offenders

Project Forever Striving
2418 York Street
North Philadelphia, PA 19132
1.267.968.0607 - Office
1.267.467.7164 - Cell

Sunday Breakfast Mission
110 Poplar Street, Wilmington, Delaware
Ph: 302-565-8542
Sex offenders on a case by case basis

Across from the ThunderGuards on Governor Prinze
Wilmington, Delaware
Ph: 302-764-4713
No Sex Offenders

The Bridge Ministry 
Buckingham Co, VA 
Admissions Office 
3054 Dixie Hill Road 
Buckingham, VA 23921 
Tel: 434-969-2991 
Fax: 434-969-5159

Boaz and Ruth Inc. (Transitional Program)
May take Sex Offenders - *****
3030 Meadowbridge Road
P.O. Box 6129
Richmond, Virginia 23222

Teen Challenge International, USA
P.O. box1015
Springfield, MO 65801
Fax: 417.862.8209

de druga en espanol
Hogar Crea International, Inc.
314 Hanover Avenue
Alentown, PA 18103
Phone: 610-820-8200
Fax: 610-820-8300

House of Pride
105 South New Street
Dover, DE  19904
(302) 677-0116

Victory Outreach
Inter nations

Lebanon Rescue Mission
Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program
439 South 6th Street
Lebanon, PA  17042
(717) 273-2301

 Teen Challenge of Pennsylvania

Left is Leon Pace before and after he was saved.  An addict for twenty (20) years. But now he was preaching at Canaan Church about Teen Challenge and how it can help people to regain their life.

Canaan Baptist Church


Wilmington City Counsel


Teen Challenge Philadelphia
Address: 156 W School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone:(215) 849-2054

Teen Challenge Training Center
33 Teen Challenge Road
PO Box 98, Rehrersburg, PA 19550

 Also that day Reverend Daniels was there to sponsor Teen Challenge with him.
 Pastor Bullock dedicated his sermon that day on Celebration of Recovery to Mrs. Plant a former State Representative for Delaware.

Reverend Bullock received his 10th Pastoral Anniversary September 28, 2014.

Reverend Bullock just earlier mentioned that he and Reverend Daniels were going to fly up to Teen Challenge in a helicopter to start a drug program there.  Under Bullock's leadership and Reverend Ty from CTEC along with Reverend Daniels and Earl saved over one hundred (100) people in the Philadelphia area.  I would like to thank all of them for their good work in Delaware as well.

I remember Reverend Bullock when he came to 8th and Scott Baptist Church over twenty (20) years ago.  Back then before he came the congregation would just sit there and do nothing.  After Reverend Bullock came everyone would clap their hands stand shouting this is the place you want to be. Those sophisticated high class people.

I remember Reverend Bullock when he came to 8th and Scott Baptist Church over twenty (20) years ago.  Back then before he came the congregation would just sit there and do nothing.  After Reverend Bullock came everyone would clap their hands stand shouting this is the place you want to be.  Those sophisticated high class people.


Deacon Manley of Teen Challenge also attends the Canaan Baptist Church these days.  He explains to me that he was asked to write a Grant for a Ministry about eighteen (18) years ago.  

Reverend Daniels, Reverend Bullock and Deacon Manley went up to Teen Challenge in Pennsylvania to see what the operation was all about.  They liked is so well they started a Substance Abuse program with them.  

Teen challenge would come down to Canaan Church from time to time and work with them.  They have been in a relationship for a number of years now.  

Currently Teen Challenge has their yearly Substance Abuse Ministry day at the Canaan Baptist Church.  Things have worked out well for everyone involved and we thank them for the good work they are doing with Teens.

Hope Winchester

Hope is from Wilmington Delaware and she was addicted to drugs for twenty years and then came to Canaan Baptist Church.  Canaan sent her to Disciple Outreach Ministries in Brooklyn, New York.  It was a one year program but it took her five years to get thorough it from 2004 until 2009.

Today she is an Evangelist at Canaan Baptist Church and works with the Overcomer’s Group.  Her Pastor at Canaan is Dr. Rev Allan Bullock.  Rev Daniels is also with the Overcomer’s Group Outreach and Ministry.  They go out in the streets and spread the word to those who seek it.  They tie in the twelve steps with the bible and how none of us are good and that we all need the lord in our lives to be better individuals.  Rev Daniels has been a great impact to those struggling souls.

Discipleship Outreach Ministries, 5220 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11220, Phone: 



Canaan Baptist Church


Rev. Valerie Scott is a Minister at Canaan Baptist Church. 

She Ministers at Baylor Women's Prison to give them hope, encouragement and a hug.



Valerie Scott with her Son at

Earl picked up Vidal Revera from the Webb Center and he stayer at the Harriet Tubman Safe House for six (6) or seven (7) months.  while he was there he joined Canaan Church and was baptized by Dr. Bullock.  Videl has moved on and is doing well.  We wish him all the best.

Webb Community Corrections Center

200 Greenbank Road

Wilmington, DE 19808


Prosperity Ministries, Inc

P.O. Box 946

Bear, DE 19701


Ms Mary I. Wood is the CEO of Prosperity Ministries.  Next to her is 

Curtis Scott, her son and a member of Canaan Church.  He is one of the ones getting the award for being clean for a long time.

Pastor Bullock ordained Ms. Wood 8th Street Church back in the day.

From left to right are Thomas Wynn, John Lane, Curtis Scott, Michael Williams and Earl Woodlen who received this award for being clean for several years.  Also, Kenny Wilson who was unable to be there that day.

 Reverend Tyrone (Ty) Johnson

God's Ambassador to the Streets...

Elder Tyrone C. Johnson, Sr. affectionately known as “God’s Ambassador to the Streets,” gave his life to Christ in 1991, and has been involved in meaningful ministry in Wilmington ever since. Elder Ty is the founding member and director of Churches Take a Corner (CTAC), a member of Bishop Gregory M. Davis’s episcopal team at Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Church, and serves in a leadership role as a key advocate on many other important causes throughout the City.
Elder Ty is a revered leader by the people in the general Wilmington community and throughout the State of Delaware. His mentors include preachers, politicians, community activists, and elders in the community.

Reverend Ty was a member of the 8th Street Baptist Church at 34th and Market Street, CTAC (Churches Take a Corner).  Pastor Bullock ordained him back then.  I started off volunteering with Reverend Ty and between him Reverend Daniels and Sandy Anderson between us we helped over 1000 people to get Treatment and some of them are still there in Philadelphia working and feeling good about life.

Rev Ty was at Canaan Church Sunday and he has been delivered from cancer.

Rev Ty is a member of New Destiny Fellowship with Rev Weeks.

Website:   http://newdestinyfellowship.org/

I had a cards made for Rev Daniels when he was at 8th Street and one for Sandy Anderson from CTEC.  I would buy the cards and they would come and pick them up and pass them out on the streets and take anyone who was interested to the Treatment Programs.   These cards are about 15 years old now.

On the (right below) is where Rev Ty had his office when it was the 8th Street Baptist church (CTAC) now it is know as the Resurrection center.
On the right is where he last had his office


Sandy Anderson is one of the people (Miss Moses) who will get up in the middle of the night and she would take you to one of the Treatment houses in Philadelphia as long as you had an ID, back in those days.

When you get to Philadelphia you got $200 in Food Stamps and $200 dollars cash to help you Program.  This ran strong for over 10 years.


From left to right are Thomas Wynn, John Lane, Curtis Scott, Michael Williams and Earl Woodlen who received this award for being clean for several years.  Also, Kenny Wilson who was unable to be there that day.

We were sending so many people and taking so much money out of Philadelphia Reverend Ty had to get on the phone to Philadelphia in order for us to continue sending people there.  Everyone we sent there would receive $200 in Food Stamps and $200 in General Assistance.

I want to thank you Reverend Ty for working with me Brother.

 These badges were made possible because of Rev Ty Johnson from Churches Take A Corner (CTEC)

He talked to Ruth Ann Governor Minner (Left below) who made it possible for us go into the prisons.

This all started back in 2002 or 2003. Rev Ty knew how to get the job done and make things happen.

Rev Ty Johnson - CTAC

Elder Ty Johnson has been doing ministry for over twenty (20) some years and has been helping people.  He says our ministry is your ministry.  If you have been around Elder Ty you know he has that heart.

These are a few of the people that know him and came to say a few words about him and how he has effected their lives.


Project 4 Ever Striving

2418 W. York St. Philadelphia, Pa 19132



Here is Chris Blunt - He did eight (8) years but now is doing well.

Thank you for working with me in the last six (6) to eight (8) years for the people in Delaware.  You helped me to save a lot of lives that otherwise would have been lost.

This is Letitia Mack - CEO Project 4 Ever Striving

TROSA was founded in 1994 with President and CEO Kevin McDonald at the helm and just $18,000 in the bank. Durham County Commissioners showed their support by voting unanimously to lease the Old North Durham Elementary School to TROSA for $1 per year and the Durham Chamber of Commerce provided a grant. In order to provide vocational training and generate additional revenue, Kevin began a potato peeling social enterprise and later a moving service. During the next two decades, TROSA grew by every measure: the number of residents, facilities, programs, staff, and social enterprise success. The facilities expanded to include dedicated spaces for commercial operations and, with the purchase of a 13-acre site (now our central campus), for administrative, medical, and intake offices. Since our founding, we’ve continued to improve our programming and remain aligned with best practices. We received our license from the state as a therapeutic community, and by collaborating with Duke University Medical Center, began accepting residents with some mental illness diagnoses in addition to their substance abuse disorder. We’ve added more specialized programs such as therapies for women and individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as continuing care services for graduates including relapse prevention groups; transportation to/from work or school; and safe, sober housing at reduced rent. In 2010, we completed construction of the William Mack, Sr. Center (named in honor of the TROSA graduate and staff member who started the brick crew). This 12,500 sq. ft. facility provides additional classroom and recreation space, exercise equipment and room for all residents to gather for community events like quarterly graduations and holiday parties. In 2012, we completed construction of two 75-person dormitories on our main campus. Now the majority of TROSA residents live in one location, providing both logistical and therapeutic benefits. Our final phase of this plan calls for adding educational classrooms and a larger food storage facility. TROSA has become one of the region’s most successful drug rehabilitation centers and gained recognition as an early social enterprise. TROSA Moving was, and is, the largest independent mover in the Triangle region, routinely being recognized by citizens as the area’s “Best.” TROSA Lawn Care established itself as our second largest social enterprise - run and developed by a TROSA graduate - and also voted the "Best" in the region. TROSA Thrift and Frame Store, opened in 2013, has quickly become a great success and customer favorite. TROSA opened a new thrift store location in late 2014, with over 100,000 square feet of gently-used furniture, clothing, housewares, electronics, and more. TROSA’s other vocational training programs, including office administration, automotive, construction, property management, and food service are helping this growing community to thrive while giving residents marketable skills to help them transition into the job market once they graduate. Having a centralized campus has helped us become a model long-term therapeutic community. Throughout NC and the broader US there is an increasing need for effective, affordable treatment for substance use disorders, and TROSA is currently exploring options for scaling its success in the future.

Timothy Maurer standing outside of Reverend Daniel's Van. Reverend Daniels purchased the bus ticket for Timothy to attend TROSA.

 Tim Maurer being prayed for by Christine Word before going to TROSA.

2- Earl's Grandma Praying for Tim Maurer going to TROSA (Earl at End).mp3

TROSA is an innovative, multi-year residential program that empowers people with substance use disorders to be productive, recovering individuals by providing comprehensive treatment, experiential vocational training, education, and continuing care.

TROSA is a 501(c)(3) charity


Mike Coverdale is a TROSA Graduate.  TROSA is a very good program in Durham, North Carolina.  I hear they have from anywhere from 300 to 500 people programming there from all over the world.

Mike shows that you can be successful in what you are trying to do once you get your life in order.

TROSA Website: http://www.trosainc.org/

VA Website:  http://www.wilmington.va.gov/

Kevin McDonald President of TROSA and Earl Woodlen the CEO of HTSH at two of Earl’s clients, that he sent to Trosa, graduation.


Christine Word and Evangilist Tucker going home to Lynchburg, Virginia after a visit with the Tucker brothers.