Earl right after the Praying was completed.

People in the Community Out and About having a good time getting things done and just relaxing.

Below is a video of one of our supporters who starts his day off doing push ups to keep in shape and stay Healthy,


This is my other family, I have over three thousand (3000) hours volunteering there.  I started early 2000 under the direction of Ms. Lilly DeSabatino.
My GrandMother Adelia Waller died there so I wanted to do something to show my appreciation of all their work and kind treatment they gave her until the end.
I was born there in 1956.

  (See Below) Pastor Bullock Wife (First Lady) Mother and Earl W. Woodlen Jr. 

Joe Biden and wife Jill with son Beau Biden and Wife Hallie

Below Earl Jr. with
Vice President
 Joe Biden 

Earl came in 2002 supporting Joe Biden for Senator.  Earl supported him the whole time he ran for office.

Below is a picture of Joe's son Beau (left) with his Dad

Beau Biden first elected in November 2006, Biden was sworn into office in January 2007. He won re-election in 2010, sailing through both the Democratic primary and November general election completely uncontested. 

Earl walked the streets with Beau Biden after he come over to Canaan Baptist Church with his family.  Earl talked with Dr. Bullock and Dr. Bullock asked Earl to support Beau Biden.  Dr. Bullock gave Earl some literature and it was handed out on the streets of Wilmington to show support of Beau Biden’s candidate run for office.

Earl had hats made with Beau Biden's name printed on the front and together they walked the streets campaigning.


Pastor Dr. Alan Bullock and President Barrack Obama

Earl Woodlen supported the President as Dr. Alan Bullock asked him

The House of Wright Mortuary & Cremation Services, Inc.
Thirtieth (30th) Anniversary 

Robert Wright's Son
I remember him from when we were just lads I lived across the street from Mrs Wright.

Wilmington Police Department


Call downtown if you want to be a police officer (302) 576-3940 

Al Plant Crossfire TC 21 Harriet Tubman
is the Code Number to work under.

  Tell them Earl Jr said give me a job !!!!
Ex Pastor of Church at E. 7th Street

Below are Gift Cards our Supporters have sent to help us continue work in the community and assist those who need our help the most.  We appreciate the support and thank each and everyone who took the time to Donate.  Because of you we can do what we do.  Any amount no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated.

We are a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Corporation 
Our Tax ID Number is  86-1085252 
You can write off your Donations at Tax Time

This is a donation from Canaan Baptist Church.
Dr. Bullock, my pastor, likes the work I do with my re-entry program and made a generous donation to the
Harriet Tubman Safe House.

This is a donation from Reverend Daniels who is affiliated with Canaan Baptist Church.
Reverend Daniels runs a Re-entry Program for Drug and Alcohol Treatment.  He made two generous donations to the
Harriet Tubman Safe House.