President G. W. Bush signed the Second Chance Act (SCA) into law on April 9, 2008.
The SCA was designed to improve outcomes for people returning to society from prisons and jails.By providing whatever is necessary so that they will not reoffend.

These are individuals who have come through out re-entry program.  Some, still here, others moved on, and some are still affiliated by stopping and lending a hand or counseling whenever time permits.

Terrance Benjamin came to the Harriet Tubman Safe House from New Jersey. Terrance is a blind man who holds his head up high and does not let the darkness stop him from moving forward in life. He is the staple of "We fall down but we get back up". He is a stand-up guy and is involved with his community. He is a man to be admired.

Greeley Ball has spent the last thirty (30) years in jails in Virginia and Delaware.  He is now a resident of the Harriet Tubman Safe House and will be a permanent resident if necessary.  He no longer has to do anymore time in Prison.  He is our number one client and is taking it one day at a time to a new life.

I have interviewed Mr. Hicks and with DOC's help. The Parole Board and the Prison are working together to help make this happen for the Inmates.

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

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I want to thank Ron Holsterman, the Head of Treatment,  Kenneth Milbourne, a supervisor, and Warden Perry Phelps  at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center for arranging and allowing us to come in and visit with the inmates. when the inmates are released I help them to set up a plan so they have something to work towards.

The Parole Board Paroled Mr. Leroy Hicks to The Harriet Tubman Safe House on May 1, 2012 through the POPs program at the Delaware Center for Justice.  Kim-Alla Swanton is his counselor.

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Mr. Leroy Hicks who came to us through the PoP's Program has finally been discharged from Probation and is a totally free man now.  Free to come and go as he pleases and not have to notify anyone of his whereabouts or what time he comes and goes. He has worked hard to get to this place and is looking forward to continuing in this path.

Dale came out of prison got his life together and moved on.  He did over eight years and moved on.

Earl Jefferson on the left, acquired a position with the City of Wilmington.  We are in the hopes he will be permanent some day in the near future.

Derick Smith above stopped by and moved on to Project Forever Striving in Philadelphia.

Walter Davis Editor in Chief

 Marvin D. Williams went to Joshua Achievement Center in 2005 and stayed for two (2) years. He is back in Delaware working doing fine.


Walt Goodson above right with the bags came to the Harriet Tubman Safe House from the VA in Coatsville, Pennsylvania.
VA Hospital website:

This is Vidal Rivera who I picked up from the Webb and brought him to our house at 700 Buttonwood Street. 


This man, Mr. Darrell David Coverdale just stopped me and said Earl I want to thank you for what you have done for me.  

I said thank you, this is the best Christmas Present I could have received.  It’s about love and someone showing appreciation. 

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Mr. Jerriel White (below left) came from Mississippi to Delaware and got stuck here.  He came to 700 Buttonwood Street and we helped him to move far away from his previous surroundings. This is what we do.

The man (right) came to HTSH straight out of prison stayed for awhile and then moved to Pennsylvania.  The man next to him, everyone knows him around here is his cousin Johnny Snow.

Douglas Heckler came to Harriet Tubman Safe House with no where to go.  He is on a breathing machine so I gave him a bunk downstairs so he would not have to keep going from the upstairs room (which is harder to maneuver) than the downstairs room to make it easier on him.

 This is Debra Mosley and this is here second time around at Harriet Tubman Safe House.  She was at 2302 about 8 months ago then she went through sojourners and finished her time there.  She became homeless again and this time she was put in 700 Buttonwood Street.  I have a dorm there with four beds available.  Reverend Daniels came to me about her and I would do anything he asked of me to help someone.  I have been working with Reverend Daniels for about 15 years.

 This is how we do it in Virginia.  This is a Norfolk boy Jessie Michael.  The White Guy on the right. He was only here a week and he has had my phone ringing off the hook with his spreading the word about what I do.

This client went to Sojourners after his stay at Harriet Tubman Safe House.  The lady with him in the next picture is Christine Word who prays for the guys. she happened to be in Delaware and stopped by and prayed for this man who came from the Latin Community Center.  

 This man goes by the name of Sarge who was from Norfolk, Virginia.  He did thirteen (13) years at James T. Vaughn in Smyrna, Delaware.  He is a qualified Paralegal.  He is free now doing roofing work somewhere making a living.

On the right is a picture of a Club he owned in Virginia on thirty-fifth (35th) Street.


I was walking along the Brandywine and this young lady approached me and asked if I had a dollar or a cigarette.  She said sir I live in a tent.  I asked her to show me just where this tent was.  She took me up to Philadelphia Pike across from the old Forman mills store and we walked down a long dirt path and she showed me the tent in the wooded area there.
This is a picture of the blue tent that she was living in.  These other tents belong to others who lived at that area as well. 
This is the trash that has collected since those people where living there outside.  This is her standing in front of her tent with a beer in her hand.  She said she wanted to go to Washington Street across from the Wilmington Hospital with her clothes and sat at the bus stop and drank her beer and then she was going to detox.
She stayed at the Wilmington Hospital for a while then they took her to the Rockford Center.
I picked her up from the Rockford Center and brought her to 914 E. 7th Street.  The house was vacant and she stayed for six weeks.  Now the last I heard she was doing alright wherever she is at.
When I first picked you up she had an open charge so I took her to court and payed her captious fees and her ID.  She was given a fine for her charge and she worked it off at the Harriet Tubman Safe House.
She had twenty (20) years of addiction and had burned all her bridges so no one would help her.

I drove by her a time or two doing my errands and then I stopped to give her a ride to the Wilmington Hospital because her bag was heavy and she had finished her beer.

Now the last I heard she was doing alright wherever she is at.

This man is Douglas Montgomery and he just finished doing two (2) years at Gander Hill. I met him when I was riding by Gander Hill one morning and saw a man coming out of the bushes. I came to find out that is where he slept the previous night. We talked a bit and he told me he was on heart medication and his legs were fractured. He was from Middletown and had nowhere to go. I told him I would help him to get disability if he qualified and work with him so he can get a leg up on getting his life in order.

This is what we do at Harriet Tubman Safe House. I am a bounty hunter and I am looking for you if your down and out.

Douglas went to the Courthouse to check in for probation and his probation officer just happened to be there.

Probation and Parole:

Douglas standing in front of his new residence.


Here is a gentleman who was sleeping on the streets with nothing so we gave him a blanket, gloves and a hat to help him keep warm.