We need funding to Keep this Site open
We are a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Corporation 
You can write off your Donations at Tax Time
We are in need of a vehicle and/ a property to help grow our services to people who need it most.  If you have either and would like to donate, it would be tax deductible. We are a non-profit organization.  
Contact Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. at 
Cell: 1.757-513-8585 or Office 302-425-5758 for more details.

You could also donate gas cards, stamps, or a money order in any amount.  It would be very much appreciated and it is for a worthy cause.  

Make Payments out 

Harriet Tubman Safe House

700 N. Buttonwood Street

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Donated house at 2302 Carter Street, Wilmington, Delaware

This man who is from Arizona heard about the Harriet Tubman Safe House and what we are doing for the community said he would like to help our Program by donating this house to us.  It may take a little work but it will provide shelter for several men who are in need.

This man is delivering six (6) boxes of tile that was donated for the property. We are in need of donations to help do a Total Renovation job on this house.  We could use anything you could offer. Home Depot, Lowes Gift Cards, Wood, Drywall, whatever you possibly can donate to us would be appreciated.

Here is a guy (Elec Robinson) that does outreach on 8th and Spruce, dog lady's corner. Thanks to the Sunday Breakfast Mission who supply us with the food that allows us to go out and do ministry in the community.

I was walking through the train station and ran into Senator Carper and I mentioned what I was doing in the community and he gave a donation to help with the program.

My name is Earl W. Woodlen, Jr. the CEO of the Harriet Tubman Safe House. This little lady is my White Mom.  She gets a Social Security Check each month and makes a donation many times.  One day she told me that it was her birthday, June 6 and I said to her I do not know how much longer I will be around so I went out and bought her a cake and some flowers to show my appreciation. "Happy Birthday Mom", from your Black son Earl. She prays for me and my organization.  I am just giving her a salute for all her kindness and giving.

This is Mom with her Valentine's Day Candy for 2013.

This is one of my good white daddies. He donates stamps to me every month without fail for my Re-Entry Program.  We are having fun.  You should get yourself a white daddy too and have fun and live like we do. Sharing and Caring.