The Waller Family Reunion
Beckley, West Virginia
July 16, 2014


 The Greatest Sin by Abdullah Hubbard

At his book signing at MeJah’s Book Store in the 

former Tri State Mall on Naamans Road in Claymont, Delaware.

A book about  a man confused about his religion and chooses Islam over Christianity but he put his wife before his God, Allah and his life was in turmoil so he decided to kill his wife. Abdullah about ninety seven (97) days to write it but six (6) years to get the finished product on the market.

You can purchase the book from MeJah’s Book Store, 
the  former 
9th Street Book Store in
Wilmington, Delaware or directly from him at

Abdulla would like to thank all his supporters... All praises to Allah.

Abdullah Hubbard is partially blind.He came through Harriet Tubman Safe House for counseling and I told him just how to go about making it in the world today. He had just done seventeen years (17) and ten (10) months with all but two of those years at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center.  The last two years he did at George Town to complete his time.  I Earl W. Woodlen, Jr., was with him through the whole time being his friend and mentor.

The Hubbard Family from Virginia 

This is a family member from Virginia. The Hubbard Family lot of his relatives came to or retired from the University of Delaware.
The University of Delaware web site:


While at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center he was the head of the NAACP and did a good job at it. He referred a lot of inmates to my re-entry program that we were able to help.He is very intelligent man. He writes grants, is a paralegal and was instrumental in creating my re-entry program, and he need work.He is standing with Jerome Waterman who did twenty-four years at James T. Vaughn. There will be more to come pertaining to Adbullah he is up and coming member of our community.


Lean on Me - Bill Withers.mp3


MeJah Books
Tri-State Mall
333 Naamans Road
Claymont, Delaware 19703


9th Street Book Shop

730 N Market St. 8th St

Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: (302) 652-3315



Here is Abdullah Hubbard with his son at his New House

Abdullah talking about how he did not do this on his own.

He had help by a lot of people and having the Lord in his life

Hubbard Family Reunion 7.17.2016

The 1st big picture below is the Milton Family and his kids.  Milton married Mary Alice Hubbard.  The rest of the pictures are the Hubbard’s family.

They all are from Virginia from Pennsylvania or Halifax County somewhere down there.  When they moved to Delaware they all got their start at the University of Delaware

   Hubbard Family Reunion - 7.17.2016

                  This is the whole family

More Hubbard Family Members

Lun Edward Thompson
The Church of God at Iron Hill
He was a Pastor for fifty-five (55) years there.
He retired from the University of Delaware after fifty-five (55) years as well.

This is the day that the Lord Has Made...
Mr.Hubbard Opening Door of Chruch
Sandra Waller - Sunday School Teacher

Bishop Thompson Interviewing

Pastor Dickerson led the Sermon 

on January 1, 2017

We are here to pick them up not to bring them down
Book of Joshua 24th Chapter Verse 14th of the Old Testament
"Now therefore fear the Lord and Serve him in Sincerely and in Truth as for me in my eyes we will serve the Lord"

Harry was praying for Abdulla Hubbard who was going through trials for seventeen years.  His prayers seemed to work because Abdulla was released.

Bishop Thompson and Harry Hubbard were friends growing up.  People wold be looking for them and found them in the woods having bible studies.  They were road dogs if you saw one you saw the other. They came to Delaware and Harry came through working the University of Delaware. They remained friends the whole time Bishop Thompson has been preaching over fifty four (54) yeas.  Harry is a deacon at Iron Hill Church.

I asked Bishop Thompson why Harry and he said I can trust Harry I have know him since he was a kid.

Clarence L. Dickerson worked at the DuPont Deepwater Plant from 1969 - 1980 then at Airluiqude from 1980 until he retired from there at 2013.  He was a graduate of De la Warr High School class of  1969. He resided in the Dunleith community at that time.

 Bishop Lun E. Thompson

 Romain and Bishop Thompson 

 Romain speaking at the Poor Man Banquet 

 Romain Thompson at the Mothers Day get together at
Bishop Thompson's Church

Bump Waller was marking Jake Hubbard telling the story of how when he first came to the University of Delaware and worked until he retired.  Bump Waller's mother (Mary Hubbard) married Milton Waller.

 Bump Waller standing in front of his car.

Pastor Thompson going to
 Cluster Pine Holiness Church in Gretna, Virginia 

Pastor Thompson returning to
Iron Hill Church in Wilmington, Delaware

 Louise and Christine in front of the sign of the Church

 Pastor Thompson and his wife

 Pastor Miller of Cluster Pines Holiness Church

 Christine Word and Louise Woodlen entering the Church

 Boyds, Hubbards, and Wallers

 Custer Pines Holiness Chruch Van

 Bump Waller shows up everywhere on his motorcycle

 Christine Word went to the owners of the one acre property where Iron Hill Holiness Church is today and asked to buy the property.  There was a mechanics shop at the rear of the property at that time.  She made a deal with the owners to purchase the property for one thousand ($1,000) dollars with a payment of fifty ($50) dollars a month.

Christine had the deacons do the paperwork involved.  Deacon Harry Hubbard and somebody else went to do the paperwork to acquire the property.  After the property was obtained they started having services at the area where the mechanic's shop was.

Later they tore the shop building down and built a Church there and called it Iron Hill  Community Church.  Christine Word helped to start a lot of Churches in Petersburg and Richmond Virginia and in Delaware.

Christine is ninety-three (93) years old now and lives in Lynchburg Virginia.

  The Church of God at Iron Hill

 Pastor Miller came up from Cluster Pines Holiness Church in Gretna, Virginia to attend Pastor Thompson's 55th anniversary at Iron Hill Church.
Pastor Dickerson did the preaching on that day.

  Bishop Thompson in the background

 Bishop Dickerson's Wife

Grandma's 96th Birthday

Bishop Miller and Wife
Cluster Pines Church

 Evangelist Priscilla Thompson - Bishop Thompson's Daughter's CD's of her leading Prase and Worship and Iron Hill Church

Track 0001.mp3

Track 0002.mp3

Track 0003.mp3

Track 0004.mp3

Track 0005.mp3

Track 0006.mp3

Track 0007.mp3

Track 0008.mp3

Track 001.mp3

Track 002.mp3

Track 003.mp3

 Evangelist Priscilla Thompson - He Sees-He Hears-He Knows - 8-31-2014 - CD

 Evangelist Priscilla Thompson - Jesus Is - 11-02-2014 - CD

Price Waller's Family Tree 

Waller Family What We Do 

 Bonnie Adams

Gary Barksdale

Johnny Beasley 

Veronica Beasley 

Mary Boone

Patricia Brooks

Rhonda Brooks

Priscilla Brown

Beatrice Cox

Catherine Crews

Connie Davis-Prevost

Betty Douglas

Jerome Duiguid

Justin Duiguid

Mollie Duiguid

Hester Easley

Delma Gregory

Junior Gregory

Lawrence Haythe

Leroy Haythe

Lewis Haythe

Thomas Haythe

  Addie Jennings

Joyce Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Alexis King

Pharmaceutical sales

Harrington Corporation

Retired Navy

Apartment owner/Foster Care

Data Processing

Supervisor/Foster Care

Industry Worker


Customer Service

Retired Social Worker

Retired Educator


Engineering Coordinator

Retired Principal, Amherst County 

Public Schools

Supervisor/Computer Specialist/ Chief

Information Officer

Student, Morgan State University

Homemaker, Social Worker




Retired, Hartford Times

Retired, US Navy, RN, Supervisor at 


Retired, Chef, Manor Country Club

Retired, Bureau of Engraving

Senior Administrative Assistant

Assistant Manager of Senior Center

Child Psychologist

Manager of Bank

Business Relationship Manager

 Bertha King

Curtis King

David King

Enid King

Florence King

Maya King

James Lewis

Laura Lewis

Elnora Lipford

Gregory Lipford

Virginia Little

Lucille Michael

Arlene Pannell

Haywood Pannell

John Pannell

Denise Slayton

Gary Slayton

Ernestine Tucker

Deloris Turner

Brenda Waller

Ida Waller

 James Waller

Jose Waller

Kenneth Waller

Leonard Waller

 Robert Leon Waller

Yvonne P. Waller

Qualification Technician

Engineering Technology Student

Electronic Technician



Support Engineer

Director of Safety Transportation-NJ

Independent Contractor Specialist

Lab Technician

Quality Technician

Police and Animal Control of Virginia




Factory Worker

Production Supervisor – Ross Abbott


Production Specialist

Weaver at BGF Industries



Administrative Secretary, Framatone, 


Counselor II, Mental Health Norfolk

Community Service Board


Colorist at BGF

Clamp Operator for Government

Printing Office

Sr. Inventory Specialist; Transportation

and Logistic for Framatone,


Manager, Process-Planning, AT&T

Director of Administration &

Personnel, D.C. Public Employee

Relations Board

 Gary Waters

Lucille Waters

Joyce White

Steve White

Sandra Whitehead

Evelyn Williams

Pinkie Wilson

Patsy Word

Montree Young

Snya Young

 Building Service


CNA for In Home Health

Supervisor at BGF

Owner – Dream Wedding Consultant


Program Analyst; US Department of


Medical Transportation Provider for



Sales Clerk

  The Case of Odell Waller an

Injustice in Virginia
Injustice in Virginia 

You can access John Dewey''s Article above.  Pages 356, 7 & 8 are shown below so you can get an idea on how Virginia treated people of color in the 40's.  You can learn more about the case at the above websites as well.

All of my family that  came from Virginia relocated from one of the counties listed below.  These Counties were only about ten (10) miles apart from each other like the distance between Wilmington to Newark Delaware.

Their Names are listed on the right.  Most of them were employed at the University of Delaware who gave them a chance to get established in Delaware.

Halifax County

South Boston

Brookneal County

Pennsylvania County

Cody Houses County


Appomattox County 







We mostly ate turkey wings, turkey necks, ham hocks or either cabbage and potatoes with meat or string beans, potatoes and a meat and on rare occocions we even had to eat the bark from a birch tree.


When we got any money at all to spend we went to Cody's Store to buy candy, sodas  and chips, any junk food we wanted.  Not far from there we went to the Flour house where they made the flour for baking to get some for mom. 

Below is the Flour Store we used to go to for supplies.Bump Waller is standing outside.

We used to grow our own tomatoes and other vegetables so we could have them fresh.

We are still growing tomatoes, here is a picture of Earl and Governor Jack Markell who stopped by to try one for himself.

Price Waller the history of a a man determined to make a better life for his family.  From Virginia tobacco fields to the Univeristy of Delaweare in Newark, Delaware. 

The Wallers lived in the white mans house back in the day and picked and sold their tobacco.  At the end of the year after all proceeds were collected they paid their rent for the land where they stayed, the  store bill, and if there was any money left maybe one person got one (1 ) pair of shoes because that was all the money that was left.  They were extremely poor back in those days.

Then one day Price came to Delaware in the early 60's and found a job at the University of Delaware which paid a lot more than anything down there in Virginia.  After a while he returned to Virginia and told the family about the job opportunities in Delaware so everyone, the whole family dropped everything and move to Delaware.

We want to thank the University of Delaware for having the confidence in the Waller family and hired a lot of them and helped them to succeed.

University of Delaware website:

Here is a picture of the road going through the tobacco fields to their house where the Price Waller family worked from time to time picking and taking the Tobacco for Curing

This is the house where Price Waller raised his family back in the early fifties. Since then it has been left to decay and run down.

This is the store where they shopped for groceries and from time to time the kids would sneak a penny or two and buy candy.

Below is the first school we went to, a two room house (left) then later a larger one was build next to it (right), that would accommodate many more children.

On the left is the Staunton Baptist Church which our whole family attended and the next picture is of the cemetery where a lot of our family member were laid to rest.  Sam Waller was one of them to be buried there.

Back in those days black children had to ride in the back of the bus but my mom was very light skinned she was able to set up in the front seats. 

Over all the Wallers were praying and religious folks who were devoted to Jesus.  They read the bible all the time and hold bible reading in their home and a lot of the family would come to attend a socialize.  Below is one of my family members Bible that they read from back in those days.

Below is some remains of the house that the Wallers grew up in down in Virginia.  I had to get a couple of pieces of wood from the house that holds so many good and bad memories from those days in Virginia.

Wallers History from Virginia picking Tobacco to Newark, Delaware working at the University of Delaware. 

Madeline Waller 

Madeline Waller-Barksdale-Frazier was the last Waller to retire from the University of Delaware.

She was Born April 6, 1931 and retired from the University in 1991. She worked there for thirty-eight (38) years.
She was a domestic worker until she was hired by the University of Delaware.
The Wallers we know retired from the University of Delaware are: 
Emma Patrick, Irene Gaskin, and Milton Waller.
Below is a list of all our family members that worked at University of Delaware that hailed from Virginia:Wallers, Patricks, Hubbards, Tuckers, Words, Leroy and Betty Boyd, Evon and Bobby Gene Brooks, Irene Gaskin, Emma Patrick, Clarence Dickerson, Marshall C. Miller, David B. Hall, Preston Hall and the Reverend Lun E. Thompson.
They all attend the Church of GOD in Christ on Iron Hill Road off Old Baltimore Pike
University of Delaware website:

This is what Madeline accomplished while working for the University of Delaware.  This can happen even when you're picking tobacco in Virginia. She Moved to Delaware where there was work.  Which she found through hard looking and perseverance. 

She owns her own home (below two (2) pictures) and has two (2) daughters, left.

One daughters (left picture) retired from PNC Bank.

The other daughter (also left picture) stills works for the State of Delaware.

 Aunt Irene's Birthday at Madeline's House
March 3, 2013

Madeline Barksdale Frazier

A Celebration of her Life 

 Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller

He is a member of the Waller family from Halifax, Virginia and the Long Island Tobacco Fields

 Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller is the Senior Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A highly sought after revivalist, lecturer and musician. Dr. Waller is a true visionary who has been described by Upscale Magazine (February 1999) as “an individual who has been called to operate far beyond the restraints of traditionalism”. Dr. Waller’s partner in ministry and marriage is Ellyn Jo Waller, the leader of Enon’s Women’s Ministry and a devoted mother to their two daughters, Elynn Morgan and Eryka Lynn.

 A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Waller was born on April 8, 1964 to the late Reverend Dr. Alfred M. Waller, Sr. and Mrs. Belva J. Waller, his earliest spiritual influences. After graduating from Shaker Heights High School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Dr. Waller continued on to Ohio University in Athens where in 1985, he was awarded a Bachelor. Degree in Music Business (B.G.S.). Dr. Waller was licensed to the gospel ministry on June 7, 1987 and ordained on November 27, 1988 at Shiloh Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. A gifted singer and musician as well as preacher from 1987 until 1990 Dr. Waller utilized both gifts as Minister of Music at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

 Dr. Waller has earned a Master of Divinity Degree (M.Div.) from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Ministry to Marriage and Family (D.Min.) from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

 In September of 1990, Dr. Waller accepted the call to the Pastorate at First Baptist Church of Donora in Pennsylvania where he remained until June of 1994. In July of 1994, Dr. Waller became the Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church. God’s anointing on his pastorate has been evidenced by unprecedented numerical and spiritual growth. As a result of Enon’s growth four worship services — one on Saturday evening and three on Sunday morning. Discipleship is under girded by three weekly bible study experiences —including the “Hour of Power” lunch hour study in center city Philadelphia — and a number of other Christian education experiences. A web—based bible study is also being developed and more than fifty plus ministries meet the needs of the Enon family and the surrounding communities.

 Responding to the specific needs of the local community, Dr. Waller led Enon’s membership to establish the Enon—Coulter Community Development Corporation (ECDC), a non—profit community development corporation that provides educational and support services to children and families. Under Dr. Waller’s leadership, ECDC sponsors Innovative programs, including a pre—school preparatory program for neighborhood children, an after school advanced computer program for teens, and a Christian summer camp experience.

With a varied and extensive ministerial background, Dr. Waller has lectured at numerous institutions throughout the United States including Union Theological Seminary in New York City, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Center for Urban Theological Studies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and The National Bible Conference presented by The California State Baptist Convention. He also continues to minister in song, both as a soloist, and with the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Mass Choir.

In October 2004 Pastor Alyn E. Waller’s personal music project was released — a CD entitled “With His Permission”. Pastor Waller waited seventeen years to hear the Lord say, “Yes and Amen” to the completion of this work. It is only with His permission that this project has come to fruition.

 In November 2004 — Radio Outreach began on WURD 900 AM in Philadelphia; Sunday evenings “Hour of Power” — also on Wednesdays (2005) — “It’s Family Time” his co—host, his lovely wife, Mrs. Ellyn Jo Waller. In August 2007, the WURD Outreach ministry ended and the Lord blessed — with another broadcast on Praise 103.9 FM WPPZ., which officially began September 8, 2007.

 Pastor Alyn E. Waller wrote his first book “Enjoy Your Journey”— International release date was March 28, 2006; Philadelphia book release date — April 5, 2006 — on December 13, 2007 — a Journal for this book was published, released and available for purchase. This publication was printed in Korean — June 2008.

 Pastor Waller spent ten days in Seoul, South Korea — preaching the Gospel at the Myung Presbyterian Church, the Yoida Full Gospel Church and The Suwon Full Gospel Church. The attendance for these worship services ranged from 80,000 persons to 100,000 persons.

 July 29, 2006 — the Lord answered the prayers of The Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church with the completion of the new edifice and the Inaugural Worship Service. Enon Tabernacle is now one Church in two locations. — Enon West and Enon East — A Place Where People Encounter God”. — Dedication Service was held on Saturday, September 16, 2006 The Lord blessed Enon and as of October 2007 — Enon has 12,000 plus members.

 October 2006 — Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller was nominated by the Mayor of Philadelphia to serve on the new City Board of Ethics.

 Pastor Waller in 2007 and in the summer of 2008 has led and will lead members and friends of the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church congregation to Kenya, Uganda and Capetown, South Africa; to serve, to give a helping as well as to share in Ministry — spreading the Word and sharing The Gospel of Jesus.

 October 2008 — Pastor was appointed to the Kimmel Center Board of Directors, Kimmel Center, Inc., Avenue of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Dr. Waller is involved with numerous service organizations and has been awarded countless honors for his leadership in the community.

 Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts


Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bishop Milton Waller 

Milton Waller

In Old Church

Milton Waller was working at the University of Delaware and one day he said GOD called to him to go his work so he left his family and moved to Virginia to start a Church for Praying.  He founded the Old Church in Long Island, Virginia.  He later came back and got his family.  He picked up his wife Mary Alice Waller, she was a Hubbard.  Milton had his own business cutting trees down in Virginia while he was starting up the Church.

The Tombstone of Milton I. Waller in back of the Church in Virginia where he was burred in 2006.

Now here we are entering the new Church built next to the old Church.


This is Milton's first house and the pump where they had to get the water for their needs.  They also only had an outhouse to use back then.  That is Mary Alice, Milton wife by the well.

This is Andrew, Audrey, Angela, Annette, Andrea and Anthony.


Here we are walking from the old Church all together right into the new Church.  They then tore the old Church down.







This is the Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Bishop Milton Irvin Waller a beloved man by his family and the community.

In memory of Milton Waller

Some of his kids came to Virginia for the anniversary of his death.

Earl drove Christine down in a U-haul to get started in Virginia.

Front view of Christine's home. 

 Earl with Milton and Christine.

The only Waller still living is Christine Word who moved down to Virginia and built a double wide on the right side of her brothers Church.  She retired from the University of Delaware.

Milton Waller
Back In The Day 


You all want to know where Earl Jr, was Sunday, February 5, 2017? He was in: 

Long Island Virginia. Fellowship at Bishop Donnell Johnson Church, 

formally Bishop Milton Irvin Waller's Church.The Sprint was in the house.

Bishop Donnell Johnson

Bishop Donnell's Church, 

formally Bishop Milton Irvin Waller's Church

Below is Milton Waller's Son

Anyone who needs help with Art, Entertainment or Christian Comedy contact Andrew (Poppa Jake) Waller.  He lives in Maryland and is a member of  Thompson Church in Newark, Delaware.

Ernest Waller

The picture on the right he is with his daughter Bell.  He has four children.

James Waller from Fairfax, Virginia to New York, New York  

James Waller left Halifax and moved across the river to Campbell County, Virginia in 1941 at the age of 11.  He left Campbell, Virginia in 1941 and move to Norfolk, Virginia.  He started to work at the shipyard in 1943 making fifty cents ($.50) an hour.  He also worked quite a few other jobs in Norfolk from time to time.

A lot of his relatives worked and retired from the State of Virginia.  Joe Lewis retired as a Sanitation Engineer for the city of Virginia Beach.  Virginia Little as well.

Arthur Lee retired as truck driver for the Sanitation department after forty two (42) years too.  His sisters worked for quite a few companies while in Virginia to help with the family expenses.

James loved his boat, Church and his people and did whatever was needed to help.

A lot of the his family members are buried down the road in the Cemetery from the Church in CTec in Virginia Beach where they attended Church in Virginia.

James moved to Steveadoes, Virginia in 1952 still working at the shipyard when he heard in 1955 that in New York they were paying two dollars ($2.00) and hour as a rigger.  So on July 4, 1955 he moved to New York to work and got a job as a rigger.

While in new York situations caused him to have to do thirty (30) years.

Not long ago James stopped off in Delaware and stayed two (2) or three (3) years.  

Just long enough to buy a house.  Then he when back to Virginia Beach and bought another house in CTec on Beautiful Street.  

A lot of his family members live on that street today.

James Waller and Sisters with Ernestine Tucker

James Waller's Brother and relatives with Herald Waller

James Waller's sister Jen

James Waller's House

James Waller on his Boat

James in hat - Christine in Back and a Brick Mason on Left

James came up to see Earl at 700 Buttonwood Street

James Waller, O.C. Waller far Right and Newkey Waller Far Left

Joe Lewis is shown here with his daughter and Louise Woodlen.  Loucenda Buie is standing in the back.  He used to have a band and would play local clubs and sing a lot

Here is O.C. and Cardelia Waller posing with a friend by their car

Dude and Joe Lewis had houses on Shore Drive next door to each other that was about fifty (50) yards from the Beach.If they had not sold their property they would be millionaires today.

 Gen Little and her son Connell  below

This is a picture of one of the houses James bought when he stopped by in Delaware before moving to Virginia.

Here is Sister Gail with Mom and James Waller Posing in front of a Car.

Gen Waller was a Professional Pet Groomer and Retired from Virginia Beach Animal Control.  She was President of the NAACP for two (2) terms beginning in 2002.  Gen as a Certified Homeless and Care Giver and Volunteered at Homeless Shelters.

Her Daughter Veronica Little worked in Banking for thirty (30) years.  She also owned houses and was a land lord renting them out.  

Celebrating the life of Joe Louis Waller August 24, 1936 to January 9, 1996 a man to be admired.

Virginia Beach Bridge Tunnel Website --

If Joe and Dude Waller had not sold their land they would be millionaires today.  when you walked out of their house you where within fifty yards from the beach.  The Bridge Tunnel was only fifteen miles from their homes.

Joe Lewis Waller retired from the Virginia Beach Sanitation Department.

Virginia Beach Waste Management Division

Ossie Lee Waller a Celebration of Life 

Celebrating the life of Ossie L. Waller another man to be admired.

Ossie L. Waller (O.C.) retired from the Norfolk Sanitation Department.

Norfolk, Virginia Waste Management Division.  He worked there for thirty (30) years.

O.C. was my step Granddaddy when I came to Virginia he would take me fishing on the pier all night.  He would give me a five ($5) allowance every week.  He used to take me on the garbage truck and teach me how to hustle.  I am Earl Woodlen Jr.

 Virginia Beach Bridge Tunnel


This is the story of Sam Waller of Halifax, Virginia and his daughter Louise

This picture is the road going up to Sam Waller house.  On Sunday morning my Grandma Cadelia Waller would be cooking fried chicken in gravy. Her favorite meal was greens potatoes and meat, turkey wings, turkey necks, ham hocks or either cabbage and potatoes with meat or string beans, potatoes and meat.  Where I am going with is this, their whole meal was made in one pot.  That is what is why they lived so long.  As you know they had no running water inside so they had to pump it out of a well.  Back in those days they only had an outhouse to use the bathroom too.  Many times my Grandma would tell me she saw snakes in the outhouse and had to run them out.

Sam and his family picked tobacco for a living. After they sold their tobacco maybe one person got one pair of shoes because that is all the tobacco was worth, they were very poor.

Back in the day my mom worked for a white  lady and sometimes brought back some extra food for us which we desperately needed.

The white folks used to look out for the Wallers all the tome.  I heard a story about one of my relatives wife accidentally killed her husband who use to beat her all the time.

At the trial white folks came from over 100 miles away to testify on her behalf.  They told the judge how she used to come to work beat up and with black eyes after her husband had beaten her the night before.  After the judge heard all the testimony he hit the gavel turned the light out and left the court room case closed.

Back in the day some of my relatives used to get locked up for drinking white lighting or moonshine and their boss wold come to the jail and tell the jailer Earl works for me and he would be let go. Over all the Wallers were praying and religious folks who were devoted to Jesus.  Most of the Wallers were buried at the graveyard by by Staunton Baptist Church which they attended almost every Sunday.

Besides Tobacco, Cotton was also grown and had to be picked at harvest time. 

The Tobacco Fields and Louise Waller below taking some Tobacco to be cured.

Another Tobacco Curing House

These next three pictures are of the outhouse they had to use since there was no indoor plumbing.  At times there would be snakes inside the outhouse so you had to be careful and look around good before doing your business.

Below right is a wood heater that everybody would gather around in one room to keep warm in the winter.Life was hard in those days.

Cardelia Waller 

Sam Waller 

Left is a picture of my mom’s brother James before he had a nervous breakdown and had to go to the hospital in St. Petersburg, Virginia.  We would go and visit him at least once a month and check on him and feed him.

Harold Waller 

Celebrating the life of Harold Waller another man to be admired. He also retired from the Norfolk Sanitation Department.  Norfolk, Virginia Waste Management Division.  He worked there for thirty (30) years.

  On the left is a picture of  Harold Waller and the picture on the right is a man who looked just like him when Harold was younger.

Below is Harold's son Jackie Waller in front of his home.  He left Virginia with he was twenty (20) joined the Air Force and retired as a Master Sargent.  He was in the Air Force for twenty (20) years as well.  Now he works for the Government outside of Maryland, can't say what he does but it is important.
Below is his family.

In the picture below left, top left is Kaya Waller his middle daughter, top right is Ashley Waller his oldest daughter, in the center is his wife Damaris Waller, bottom right is Bianca Waller his youngest daughter and of course the far left is Jackie Waller.

Jackie went in the Air Force at twenty (20) and retired at forty (40) as a Master Sargent.
Anthony Waller who fought for his country went on to be with the Lord.

 Louise Waller Woodlen Story

 Louise Woodlen was a Diesel when she wanted something she would not take no for an answer.  She got what she wanted in life,  She traveled around in her Mobil home to see the World.

 Louise was born in 1936 in Halifax, Virginia and worked in the Virginia School System as a Custodial Engineer for thirty five (35) years and retired from there.  Then in 1952 she moved back to Delaware to a home in Belvedere and lived there for ten (10) years.

This is a picture of Louise Waller as a child.  When she went to school she would sit at the front of the bus because no one knew who her daddy was down there in Virginia 

 On the left is a picture of Louise Woodlen and the picture on the right is a lady who looked just like her when she was younger.

 Below right is the house in Belvedere where she lived.  Earl and his sister Joyce were born while they lived there.  Her first job was at a mushroom plant then she became a domestic worker for awhile.  Ten (10) years later she wanted to move to a bigger house so she told her husband Sam she wanted to buy a house.  Her husband said how you going to buy a house?  Louise said she was not going to the projects so she worked hard to not have to do so.

  In 1965 or 1966 Louise saw a little house in Dunleith that was for sale but the white man who owned it needed five hundred ($500) dollars down but she told him she only had three hundred ($300).  She looked at him and a moment later he said to her that he would put a second mortgage on the house for the other two hundred ($200) dollars he wanted for the down payment for her.  Earl went to the first through the fourth grade while they lived there.

 My Mom worked at Dr. Waxteens house and also cleaned his dental office off Kirkwood highway making seventy-five ($70) dollars a week.  Earl and Joyce used to go with her to help out by making the beds and vacuuming.  The first thing our Mom taught us was not to touch or pick up or move anything in the house because the owners knew exactly where everything was.

 The picture on the right is of the Waxteen Family.  In front left is Mrs. Louise Richardson who worked for the Waxteens too.  Front right is Louise Woodlen with Earl in back next to Mrs, Waxteen.

 When we were young we were very poor and had to go to the surplus lines to get the food we needed.  We used to get Cheese, Milk and anything else they had that we could use.  It came from the New Castle Avenue Firehouse.

 In 1967 or 1968 we moved back to to Virginia to Norfolk.  Immediately afterwards Mom bought his house and took my Grandma out of the ghetto.  It had two apartments where grandma and Earl lived upstairs and the rest of the family lived downstairs.  Earls room was on right side of the house.

 In 1970 my Mom and Dad were getting back together so we moved in 1967 to Sinica Road in Camby Park,  We were one of the first black families at at that time to live in that development across the street from McDonalds.

 In 1980 my mom asked me to find her a house.  I got the biggest house i could find at 704 N. Van Buren street.  It was a three story house but it was not on the listed on the market.  I went to see Ms. Braunsteen who had a real estate office that I knew.  (She later sold me two other houses and held the mortgages as well).

About a month later somehow the house was listed.  
My mom put in a bid for two thousand five hundred ($2,500) dollars and she was able to purchase it.  
She and my sister Joyce moved in it and stayed in one room at a time until they all were fixed.

 The picture below right in 1984 or 1985 after my mom went down and picked up James is of the family who came up to see him when he was released from the Hospital.  There was Louse Woodlen, Herald Waller, Aunt Bee my Grandma's Sister and Ernestine Tucker the one with her back turned to the camera.  James stayed with Cardelia Waller when he came up to Delaware. 

 Louise traveled to New Orleans, Chicago, California, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Canada, Alabama, Florida in her mobile home below.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers all over the world.

To my Mother Louise Woodlen who was a Waller, thank you mom for making you get my own belts and switches, I appreciate it.
Mothers Day Jolly Senior Club
April 11, 2017 at 11:00am. 

What Mothers are suppose to do.

 James Waller and Joshuia Buie, James Brother's Son 

 Here are some of the people who came up to my uncle James’ funeral from Virginia and all around.  James Waller, Lucile, the Stone family from Gretna, Virginia and Cardelia Wallers sisters and daughters and L. G. who retired from Amtrak.

 For my Grandma's eightieth (80th) Anniversary people came from all over to visit with her.  Her sister Gracy Stone from Gretna, Virginia came to visit for awhile.  Grandma and her sister along with other old time friends had a good visit while there were here.

 Cardiella Waller was bed ridden and my mom would come and turn her all the time so that she would be more comfortable.  That is Louise sitting in the chair beside her, looking after her, she loved her Momma.

This is Earl and his grandmother just coming back from the Brandywine feeding the ducks.

Here are two of the boys I went to school with in Norfolk, Virginia Curtis Willoby (Curtbug) and Jerome Hall.  they came up to see my Grandma and I when she was feeling ill.

 Louise's Mom Cardelia Waller was born on October 1, 1936 in Halifax, Virginia and passed away on February 5, 2002.  She attended the Virginia Public School System.

  Cardelia Waller's Virginia Driver's License from 1981.

 Louise has a cleaning lady who comes in every two weeks making $50 a day.  Today she is able to pay for someone to help her clean instead of her helping someone else clean their house.

Flowers for my MAMA 


 Thomas Clay (TC)

Marvin Sapp - Never Would Have Made It.MP3

 Thomas is a Bull in that whatever he decides to do he goes after full force and gets it done... his way.

Thomas was five (5) years old when he first came to live with the Woodlens.  He was a happy little boy but was very hyper.  One day he was told not to eat that apple and he snuck and ate it anyway and ran all through the house because of the sugar in it.

He was on Ritalin and the doctor had prescribed one a day to calm him down.  One a day was too much so Ms. Woodlen gave him 1/2 at bedtime so he could sleep at night and not fall asleep in school.

At six (6) years old he got a standing ovation for his piano recital at Church.

 He started with beating on pots and pans because he loved drums and singing with Mr. Joe.  Mr. Joe loved this little guy.   From drums he went to piano then guitar and lead singing.  He was the leader nobody could tell him anything he wanted to do it his way he wanted to sing his songs the way he wanted to sing them and do what he wanted to do.

TC at the Iron Hll Church as a child.  He brought his drum sticks to play along.  He came with Louise Woodlen and her tambourine.  Bishop Thompson and his wife Nanny (the worship leader) can be seen on his right and Mr. Miller playing guitar.

 At the age of fifteen (15) Thomas left to stay with other people than his family.

 Today he has a son and his name is Tyrire Clay who is three (3) years old now and is following in his daddy's footsteps with drums, piano and guitar.

Left is TC singing and saying I love you forever about Jesus Christ and GOD.

Below is TC's Dad Derral Scott.  Mr. Scott was a Chaplain and worked for the Department of Corrections. 

 Thomas Clay - Still Pushing CD

1. Can't Wait.mp3

2. Flash Back.mp3

3. I Am Nothing.mp3

4. Not My End.mp3

5. I'm Here.mp3

Raymond Sincere

Ray is one of T. C. Clay’s boys.  They grew up together.  I used to watch them ride their bikes in neighborhood when they were kids.  At the Indonesian –American Dangdut Festival he came up to me and said you do not know who I am do you?  I said no I sure do not.  I am Ray Sincere, I used to hang around with T.C. riding bikes and playing basketball in neighborhood there on 7th Street. 

Wilmington City Council

Indonesian Embassy

Rissa and Ray

NSR Entertainment and Fathership Foundation supported by City of Wilmington’s City Council, Indonesian Embassy in USA and Consulate General New York. which Theo Gregory is the President of Wilmington’s City Council and he is also running for Mayor.

The people below are from DC, Delaware and Philadelphia the Tri-State area.

Joyce Woodlen

Don't Worry, Be Happy.mp3

This is her theme song Don't Worry Be Happy

because she has been happy all her life.
She is happy as a lamb and just as cute.

Joyce first lived in Belvedere behind Marietas Liquor Store then moved to Dunleith before moving to Virginia

Then she moved to Norfolk Virginia when they shot Martin Luther King, Jr. and the rioting in Wilmington, Delaware started.  Joyce, Earl, Louise and Rex their German Shepard all moved along with her.  The Nation Guard stopped us and made sure we were not taking anything hot down south with us.  We all stayed in Virginia for about four (4) years before moving back to Delaware.

 Joyce went to J. E. B. Stewart Elementary School in Norfolk Virginia in the late 60's while there.

Soon after returning to Delaware Louise, Joyce's Mother wanted to leave Earl Sr. so she bought a house on 704 N. Van Buren Street in Wilmington.  Joyce bought a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle and went to Delaware State College and graduated in 1978 with a degree in Business.  Joyce came home and got a job at K-Mart but only stayed a month because of how she was being treated at work in Bel Air, Maryland.

Delaware State University Website:

Joyce saw a reggity old building that was for sale for 15,000 dollars on Second Street from a Mr. Kersland.  She put 1,0000 dollars down and he held the mortage.

Joyce had an arcade in the front of the building with pinball and games at first but that did not bring in enough money so she went to beauty school to get her license to cut hair.  Joyce has been doing hair every since and has been in business for herself after coming wright out of college for 30 years.

Leroy Landon below used to come and get a fish sandwich from Joy.
He must have loved them because that is about all he purchased there for lunch.

Mayor Dennis Williams (a Detective in those days) used to come and get and buy two piece chicken with and fries.  That was his usual lunch there at Joys.

Mayor Dennis P. Williams of Wilmington, Delaware

Her mother taught her well when she used to clean buildings with her mom.  They cleaned Dr. Waxteens house and office buildings.  Joyce was taught to work hard and that is what she is doing now.

Joyce does what she can for the community whenever she can.  Below she is handing out condoms to the girls in the community and shows her support for Law Enforcement when they had to come into the city to take it back.

Joy at work doing what she loves and talking with people who come in to visit her.


Flowers for my Sister Joyce 

The St. Francis Van is checking Earl Woodlen, Sr's. blood pressure because
Mr. Woodlen was going to go out of the country.
The St. Francis Van helps a lot of people with medications, physicals, check ups where they otherwise would not be able to get this type of care.

 Here they are getting ready to leave the country.  Mr. Woodlen Sr., his daughter and his wife.  The next picture is of the Woodlen family.

 The St. Francis Hospital has several Ambulances servicing Wilmington working with the Wilmington and Christiana Hospitals.

The Website for St. Francis Hospital is

 Booker Word Family

These are family members Abraham Gilbert and Booker Word, who was married to Christine Word who was a Waller.
This is Abram (Abraham Gilbert)

This is Booker (Booker Word)

 Booker Word married Christine Waller and now she is a Word.   Booker retired from the University of Delaware. They had one daughter Ernestine who was a Word but now a Tucker.  Ernestine had four sons Joe, Eric, Larry  and Ithran Tucker.  She also had two daughters Caroleen and Charlene Tucker.  Christine was a housewife.

 Christine Word's Virginia Diver's License.  She is ninety-three (93) she is still holding service in the building all this time.

Ernstine Tucker in her younger days. 

 The tobacco house where it was stored till ready to be cured.

The Barn where Ernstine's parent's cured the tobacco in the 40's

 Ernestine Tucker
She retired from the school system in Long Island  Connecticut and moved to Delaware.

She retired from the school system in Long Island  Connecticut and moved to Delaware.

After moving to Long Island, Virginia she purchased a double wide house around the corner from her Mother's double wide home where she resides at now.

After Ernestine moved from Long Island, Connecticut she purchased this home off of new castle avenue and now it is a chruch. 

She sold the first house then bought this one on Hessler Blvd, New Castle, Delaware.


Ernestine had four sons Joe, Eric, Larry  and Ithran Tucker.  She also had two daughters Caroleen and Charlene Tucker.  Christine was a housewife.

 Caroleen Tucker

 Caroleen Tucker the memory of a Great Lady and Friend.

 Caroleen Tucker's funeral.  The man on the right was Caroleen's son.  Her sisters and brothers were there also with her Mother and Grandmother and family members.

This is a picture of her brothers and sisters and family's members in their younger days together.

 Pepsi (Eric Tucker) a business man and Grandma's favorite, Joyce Ann Woodlen.

Eric Tucker speaking at one of his wife's events.  She is a Bishop

This is young Larry.  Pretending to be talking to Louise on the phone.

Eric Tucker (Pesi) as a baby.  He got that nickname because he was always drinking Pesi as a kid.  He was Grandma's (Christine Word) favorite grandson.

 Madeline, Ernestine and Louise used to travel all over together, having a great time.  They are on an Island somewhere in this picture.  See how family roll together.

Christine Word came up from Lynchburg Virginia to Delaware and went to James T. Vaughn Correctional Center to see Paul (162414) and Preston Tucker (125464).  One has been in twenty eight (28) years and the other thirty (30) years.

She had prayer with them to one day come home.  Please write them somebody help them.

                                     University of Delaware
On the left is the University of Delaware bus coming to the Pal center to let the community know what the University of Delaware has to offer.

On the right is the Pal center who helps young kids.

Police Athletic League
Address: 3707 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19802
Phone:(302) 764-6170
                University of Delaware Students and Security 

I was riding by and saw the University of Delaware Bus loading people so I stopped to talk to the young people who where there. I told them that a lot of my family retired from the University of Delaware. I though it was and is a very good school. I told them that they were the ones who would be running the world in the coming future.  They replied back that they deal with all classes of people and that they do not see people as a color but as human beings. I said that sounds familiar.

These are the guys watching over the University of Delaware to keep things safe for the students.

These are the guys watching over the University of Delaware to keep things safe for the students.

University of Delaware Rowing Student

This man from the University of Delaware capsized in his boat and I (Earl Woodlen) was there to help him come to shore. After speaking with him he told me where he was from and I told him that a lot of my relatives retired from the University of Delaware.  I am just glad to be able to help someone affiliated with the University of Delaware which helped my family when we came from Virginia to Delaware.

One of my family came to Delaware in the early 60's and got a job at University of Delaware.  He made $60 dollars for the week.  He whet back to Virginia and told the family and then we all came to Delaware to get a fresh start in life.

I want to thank the University of Delaware for helping the Waller family.

The lady in wheelchair on the right is Martha Farmer. I'm Earl Jr. and that's my baby there. 

This is the Boyd family from Virginia

Betty, Ella L., Ella E., Barbara, and Nancy.  They all grew up together in the country.  They all came to Delaware and worked at the University Of Delaware.  Nancy is still working but all the rest have retired.

 This is Leroy Boyd 
and his Daughter 

                     Bump Waller

Below is the Boyd’s Family Reunion at Banning Park on July 24, 2016. 
They all came to Delaware from Virginia between 1955 through the 60’s, one by one until the whole family was here.
 They came from Halifax and Pittsylvania County.  

Almost all of the family was able to acquire work at the University of Delaware.
With such large family, I heard that whenever there was a funeral they would have it at night because the family members would have to take off from work to attend.

This included the Hubbard's, Word’s, Tucker’s, Waller’s, Thompson’s, and the Boyd’s.  

                            The Miller Family

The Millers were raised in Campbell County Virginia.
Mr. Frank B. Miller retired from the University of Delaware in Janitorial Service.

These are a couple of my Muslim's friends who were picking up their kids from the school.  They are from India.

This article is of Gospel Singing done by the Miller Family.  It was done at Pierre S. DuPont Junior High School, 34th and Van Buren Street, Wilmington, Delaware in the sixty's (60's).

The singing below was done at the Highway Word of Faith Family Worship Center

Pastor Carl A. Turner Sr.
Lady Karen B. Turner

This man, left, could pass as            Mr. Miller's twin. 

Picture #1 is Nannie’s Brother and kids in the front row.
Picture #2 is her son and daughter.
Picture #3 is her son and grand kids singing to her.
Picture #4 is Frank Miller, Nannie’s husband and father to her children.
Pictures # 5 & 6 are the friends who came from Virginia to Nannies 80th Birthday Celebration.
Picture #7 is Jay Caldwell a special guest who showed up for Nannie.
Picture #8 is Martha Farmer and is Nannie's best friend.
She is the lady who helped Nannie change a flat tire that they talk about in the video shown at the Party.

They all are from Virginia from Pennsylvania or Halifax County somewhere down there.  When they moved to Delaware they all got their start at the University of Delaware --

Just look at all the people who came out to support Miss Nannie.

Highway Word of Faith Family Worship Center
Carl a. Turner Sr., Pastor
Lady Karen Turner
901 7 E 7th Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: 302-575-9711

Our Year of Abundant Harvest
Joel 2:25:-26

John H. Woodlen

 My Grand Daddy, John H. Woolen who used to work for the local 199 labor union, also worked for the DiSabatino Construction Company. He made a very good living working for DiSabatino. He did a lot of work for them on Union Street in Wilmington, and wherever he worked he put his name J. H. Woodlen in the cement.  He used to live off of sixth (6th) and Lincoln next to the store there. I (Earl W. Woodlen, Jr.) was in the local 199 labor union in the late 70's as well. If had know who my grand daddy had worked for I would have went to DiSabitino's and tried to get a job there because I was a hard worker like my Grand Daddy.  I was not from Maryland so I could not hold a job at 199 because it was a click thing.  I did not have any ham and eggs to bring the boss.

Not only was John Woodlen a construction worker for DiSabatino, he rose to become a Volunteer Fire Chief in the Belvedere Fire Hall in Wilmington, Delaware. His Plaque was on the wall in the sixty's (60's).  John Woodlen made Earl Woodlen Sr., who made Earl Woodlen Jr., see what happens when you help someone.

Website for Local 199 Labor Union:

John Woodlen lived on 8th and Lincoln street next to a store in little Italy.  He worked with local 199 and also for the DiSabatino Company doing mason work.  Wherever he worked he was allowed to put his initials and last name in the masonry.  When he worked for A. Francisco Company John put the Francisco's stamp and his name in the masonry.  When John left Lincoln Street he moved to Liberty road.

I met Mr. Fusco at the Hospital one day and he told me that indeed my granddaddy had worked for him. 

Everyone knew of the Fuscos because of their Water Ice place on Union street in Little Italy between 7th and 8th Streets.

 John Woodlen was the fire chief at one time at Belvedere fire hall.  It is still standing today.

Grandma Woodlen and Gennie Woodlen stand in front of is house on that was on Liberty Road.  The House was build over Route 141 but is on longer there. 

Gennie Woodlen retired from the Wilmington Hospital after years of faithful service.  The picture below right is where the house used to stand which has since been torn down.

My Grandfather's Boss used to come and pick him up at 6th and Lincoln Street for  work. One day we happened to be there when he was being dropped off.  The Boss man said to my Mother that he had some clothes that would fit her kids that he no longer wants and asked my Mom if she would like to have them.

At Christmas time he asked what we wanted for Christmas and I told I wanted to  have guns and my sister wanted a bike and a baby doll. I want to than him for making our Christmas a good one back then (I do not know his name). I would like to know has name and him as well.  He never forgot us at Christmas time.

I was told my Grandfather's name (John H. Woodlen) was on Union Street in the sidewalk so i walked up and down Union Street looking for it. I was able to locate it at 3rd and Clayton Street right where I used to do my dirt back in the day. You can be hanging out doing your thing and you never know what is just below your feet.

One of these pictures are the Waller kids in front of my Granddaddy's house riding our bikes. Another is of us riding up liberty road go up to my Granddaddy's house.

Earl Woodlen Sr.  - Coming Soon 

Earl Woodlen the Possum/Pit Bull 

 Ms. Waxteen is standing next to Earl on the right, her daughter is in from of her, Louise Woodlen is on the right side, Louise Richardson on the left side my mom's best friend, and Mrs. Waxteen's daughter is up in front.

This is the Woodlen Family's Portrait of a loving loyal family who look out and take care of each other. 

Terrance Clay (TC) was treated as family by my mom and raised him as a kid so he is double family. 

Prosperity Ministries, Inc.

This is Miss Mary Woods who also teaches Sunday School at Canaan Baptist Church where she is a Preacher there.

Prosperity Ministries serve the Community with outreach and Empowerment!!

Our Aim is to Train
Help us as we Create opportunities for reaching excellence! 

Tools you can use!!
Prosperity God's Way!!

Canaan website:  Dr. Bullock Senior Pastor

Prosperity Ministries Inc. website:
St Paul's Catholic Church
Father Todd Carpenter
Main Phone: 655-6596 
    Alt Phone: 302-576-4100

They hold Services on Saturdays 
At 5:00pm in English and at 6.30pm in Spanish.
Sundays at  9:00am in English and at 10:30am and at 7:00 pm in Spanish

They have been around for 100 years.

Demetrio Ortega was leading the way with outreach, walking in the streets and going door to door to bring it to their attention.  The theme was Peace in the community stop the killing start prying for the streets.

The march is sponsored by St. Paul's Church, the Wilmington Peacekeepers, former City Councilman Demetrio Ortega Jr., and Wilmington Councilmen Kevin Kelley, Paul Ignudo Jr. and Sam Prado.

Demetrio Ortega served on Wilmington's City Council for 12 years, collaborating with various parties to make Wilmington a better place. He paid particular attention to neighborhood safety, drug prevention, Hispanic concerns, and beautifying Wilmington through clean-up projects and creating and maintaining gardens. 

Wilmington Delaware City Council

Victory Christian Fellowship
100 Wilton Boulevard, New Castle, DE 19720
Phone:(302) 324-5400
Pastor Gary and Faye Whetstone

Victory Church Easter 2017 Sermon
Victory Christian Fellowship
Bishop Feb Idahosa

God's Law Governs your next steps
Bishop Feb Idahosa and his daughter live in Africa now spreading the word.

Victory Christian Fellowship
Bishop Gary V. Whetstone

Isaiah 41: Steps in your life.
Remember, consider steps in your life, GOD says do not do it.
Laurie below left Bishop Whetstone's wife is from Nigeria.

Earl in Red above left had just left J. T. Vaughn Correctional Center on a visit then went to Victory Church to pray.

 Faith City Family Church
179 Stanton Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 731-7270

We went to Camden to help save souls with pastor Hare and HTSH networking.  Signing at cross and saying prayers

My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. This is my real brother a real brother in Christ.
Don't help me please help Faith City.

Pastor Hare before Christmas for three Sundays in a row would bring in the kids and give them a book bag one week, a coat the next week and the next week a Christmas gift.  Times are rough now and there are no funds for him to do these things.

 He has buses going out in the communities on the East side and the West side of the city and bring the kids in and give them the Word and to let them know that they can be somebody one day if they work for it.  This is probably the only time the kids get out of their neighborhood other than going to school.

Pastor Steve sent me this CD to listen to and share.

Heart Like Your Own.mp3

Back To Your Heart.mp3

Take It Over.mp3

See You Shine.mp3

Hold Nothing Back.mp3

Reach A Heart.mp3

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.mp3

I Will Not Be Moved.mp3

Our God Is Here.mp3

On The Edge.mp3

Your Fire Is Here.mp3

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.mp3

Steve Hare In Concert 

Preaching about the Holy Sprit

Pastor Hare talking about Muslims and Islam 

Below is a picture of where faith city originated at 25th and Market Streets in Wilmington, Delaware.  It used to be the old Kingswoods Center in the late 70’s.  Pastor Hare’s father started it back then.  Pastor Steve Hare went to school back then with a lot of people in the community.
Steve is now the Pastor of Faith City Family Church at 179 Stanton Christiana Road, Newark, Delaware 19702.  They bring in buses from all around to get the word out to the kids.
Pastor Steve Hare

Faith City Family Church.

Faith City Sermon on April 16, 2017

Pastor Harris was asking for Donations to help rebuild the roof of the Church's School and this lady came up and not only gave a donation for the School but said to the young girl: this one hundred ($100) dollar bill is for you.

A storm came and damaged the roof of the school at Faith City and Mr. Holly was kind enough to support them with a Donation to help repair the room for the kids and teachers and the Church.

Holly Enterprises 900 South Heald Street
Wilmington Delaware 19801
Faith City Life Skills School
Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral
Aritha Morton
Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral

Jakai White an 11 year old Minister

Reverend Derrick Johnson, Joshua Harvest’s pastor said he is used to adults questioning him about Jakai and being skeptical about the boy’s authenticity.  Johnson says although he may be young the child is devoted to his faith.  He says he saw Jakai taking classes at the age of six alongside adult ministers, passing tests and requirements set by this pastor and the boy didn’t fade from that.  I have to know that Jakai is able and capable to do things.  
Probably Jakai’s biggest test before being licensed was preaching at the funeral of his mother, Carla White last year (2014).  It was like the most amazing thing.  He knew the features of a eulogy and in between tears and crying he actually pulled it off.  Jakai said there’s an excitement he feels when he’s preaching.  The guilt and the sin is all gone he says.

Wilmington residents at the Riverside community prayer for strength to combat gun violence.

Above Stephan Fullman (aka Foots) Jakai’s Dad.
He is an ex-Street Man now watching his son Ministering.

Jakai White an 11 year old pastor prayed with those gathered asking that kids who are out playing in their communities this summer are kept safe from violence that often spikes as the weather gets warmer and schools are out.

Jakai was joined by his protégé, 7 year old Kyren Bland who led the group in prayer.  Praise dancers and a step dance team also performed at the event.

Mayor Dennis Williams was scheduled to attend the event but was not able to appear.

Jakai with Pastor Hare of Faith City Family Church 

Jakai with his Dad and Sister 

Jakai saying a Prayer with Pastor Steve Hare of 

Faith City Family Church

Reverend Dr. C.T. Curry
Zion Fair Baptist Church
Zion Fair Baptist Church
website -

Reverend Curry has treatment over there helping people.  He is doing a great job.  He did not know me from Adam and from him hearing what I do he just had the Deacon write a check for $500.00 dollars.  I thank him and his organization for what they did for me.


Type Harriet Tubman in your browser then click images to see more pictures or put the link below in your browser.

DuPont was founded in 1802 by Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, using capital raised in France and gunpowder machinery imported from France.  The company was started at the Eleutherian Mills, on the Brandywine Creek, near Wilmington, Delaware two years after his family and he left Franc to escape the French Revolution.  It began as a manufacturer of gunpowder, as du Pont noticed that the industry in North America was lagging behind Europe.  The company grew quickly, and by the min 19th century had become the largest supplier of gunpowder to the United States Military, supplying half the powder used the Union Army during the American Civil War.  The Eleutherian Mills site is now a museum  and a National Historic Landmark.

DuPont Experimental Station (left) DuPont  Edgemoor Plant below left and DuPont Chambers Works Plan below right.

The DuPont Company built DuPont Highway (route 13).

The DuPont Highway, which was started by DuPont's company and finished by the Delaware State Highway Depaartment (DSHD) was a grand philanthropic measure of Thomas Coleman DuPont.

DuPont worked with heroin addicts and methadone treatment in Washington D.C. during the early 1970's. His work impressed Bud Krogh, White House Deputy Assistant for Domestic Affairs under President Nixon. Krogh appointed DuPont the Director of the Narcotics Treatment Administration, 1970-73, in order to set up methadone maintenance programs in Washington, D.C.

The Buttonwood Colored School in New Castle, DE. Financed by Pierre S. DuPont, it was one of 80 schools built to teach African American children in Delaware.

      Schools the DuPont Family helped throughout the years.
A Separate Place: The Schools P.S. du Pont Built | Resource
Below is the first graduating class of the new Howard High School, 1929, George A. Johnson principal (bottom right). Courtesy of Samuel Peterson.

Christiana School, New Castle County,
Before and After Renovations

 Blocksom’s School, Sussex County,
Before and After Renovations

Blackwater School, Sussex County,
Before and After Renovations

Georgetown School, Sussex County,
Before and After Renovations

Cedar Neck White School, Sussex County,
Before and after Renovations

 Dover School (Later named Booker T. Washington School), Kent County

 Dover White School, Kent County
                                      The Turner Family

P.U.S.H. Ministries
117 North Main Street
Galax, Virginia (Chelsea’s Place Building)
Jill Burcham - Pastor and Founder

Tammy Keys
Women of Purpose

Anyone who draws, writes books or poetry can send them to P.U.S.H. Ministries and they will work with them to see if they can get them published or sold, whatever the case may be.

Likewise, if they record a testimony and send it to P.U.S.H. Ministries they will

see if arrangements can be made to have it broadcast to the public.

The Surrogate Daughter and Estate Sale Page

Life Shepherd Spiritual Counseling and Prayer Request Page

This is a picture of The Old 8th Street Baptist Church.

Below is a video of the 120th Anniversary which in now called the Resurrection Center.

This is the One Hundred and Twentieth Anniversary of The Resurrection Center.  Through the years it has had other names and its share of troubles.  It started as a seed planted by God with Rev Henry clay Jones and became a Sunday school then a Mission at 9th and Union Streets in Wilmington, Delaware.  Finally it moved to Eight Street and became known as the Eighth Street Baptist Church.

On one occasion after a fire at the Church a Priest from St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church Reverend Roberto O. Balducci, let Eighth Street Baptist Church hold service at one of their buildings.  Throughout the years while growing to what it is today Eighth Street Baptist Church has seen great strides in fellowship and showing Catholics and Baptists working together to benefit the community jointly.  Among the different Congregations Dr. Christopher A. Bullock, founder and Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church, Senior Pastor S. Todd Townsend Sr. Ph,D. of the Resurrection Center and the Reverend Roberto O. Balducelli of St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church all worked together and make fellowship for everyone to join in and not separate the two faiths but unite as one..

St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church

 The Resurrection Center

 Canaan Baptist Church

Below is a brief history of The Resurrection Center (previously referred to at the Eighth Street Baptist Church.  Taken from a pamphlet dated March 18, 2012
On March 10, 1892 God planted a song in the heart of Rev Heny clay Jones and was led by God to organize a Sunday school at the home of J.E. Dorrell of Silverbrook, Delaware.
There the Whole notes quarter notes and half notes came together and formed a melody which became a mission and in 1893 the mission moved from 9th and Union Streets to Eight Street.  The melodies joined with harmonies and in 1894 became a song called Eighth Street Baptist Church.  Seventeen years later on July 3, 1911 the cornerstone was laid.
The songs know as Eighth Street Baptist Church continued to be sung even after the death of Reverend Jones in 1928.   God would recruit new singers to lead this song.  The song was led in 1925, by Rev. Harold Chapman, 1930, by Rev. William Price, 1940, Rev. Arnold Gregory, 1946, Rev. Hilton James, 1948, Rev. James Leonard Morgan, 1966, Rev. Arthur R. James, and in 1967 Rev. Reginald Andrew Mercer. The song known as Eighth Street Baptist Church flourished and the beautiful melodic notes that rang in the ears of its members, suddenly, ceased in 1975 by a devastating fire that destroyed the Church's fellowship hall and basement.
In 1976 construction began and on Palm Sunday, April 3, 1977, the people marched back into the Sanctuary, and the song known as Eighth Street Baptist Church grew into a song of resurrection, faith, and praise. It rang aloud, not only in the ears of its members but in the ears of the community.
In 1979 the Prison Ministry was added; 1983 the food closet opened; and in 1986 Golden Heritage gained life membership in the NAACP.   In 1989 Rev. Mercer's voice would transition in to the heavenly choir and Rev. Samuel Pinkston would continue leading our song.  Oh that song!  That song grew so strong and so powerful that God would call another voice to lead his song, 1990 he called Rev Christopher A. Bullock.
 On his new land God would call new voices to lead his song: on February 21, 1999 Rev. Roy L Thompson, on December 16, 1999 the Rev Stacey Todd Townsend Sr., of Second Antioch Baptist Church would accept the Lord's call to lead the song know as Eighth Street Baptist Church.

In 2005 the Lord would add new beats, melodies, and harmonies, reworked the revised, and remixed, the song originally now as Eighth Street Became the Resurrection Center.  In this new version, a pastor would become a bishop; a first lady would become a Pastor.  A Church would become a fellowship.  Debts would be paid and voices would ring out in new territory.

The Resurrection Center

The Lady in Red with the microphone is Bessie Evens, Chris Coleman's sister.  You can see what Chris has become after getting his life together under Success Stories at the bottom of the page.  He has done great things and become a well respected man in the community.

Dr. S. Todd Townsend and his wife Dr. Cleo Vilina Townsend are the Pastors at the Resurrection Center Now.\

Five (5) people started the Canaan Baptist Church. As the Church grew in size they had to find a larger building to accommodate everyone. The congregation left Ursuline Academy to a new location where their new Church was built at New Castle Avenue in New Castle Delaware. Where they reside to this day.

Ursuline Academy and Canaan Baptist Church working together.

Canaan Baptist Sunday Worship Service 

10:30 am March 2005

In March of 2003 God convened 13 Core Planters, who had a dream and passion to start a new venture of faith called the Canaan Baptist Church of Wilmington. Canaan Baptist Church needed a place to hold Sunday Service and Ursuline Academy agreed to let us use their gym. We had Sunday Services at a school and other places but we outgrew them. Now we want to thank Ursuline Academy for opening up their gym so we could have service there. We soon outgrew the gym so they allowed us to use the Performing Arts Center to hold our Sunday Service.

By Black and White working together it has allowed us to grow and we now have two services at Canaan Baptist Church and it looks like we will have a third service added to the 8:00am and 11:00am services we currently have.

Bishop Billy J. Lane Jr. &
Pastor Charmayne Y. Lane
Christian Growth Ministries Anniversary and Move

The Ursuline Academy Campus - Administrative Office
President Jim Keegan - till July 2005 - Phone: 658-7158

Leaving from 40th and Washington Street going to 13th and French Street with a Police escort then riding down 10th Street to the Church then finally at 10th and Church to the New Church, Christian Growth Ministries.  
Bishop Billy, J. Lane Jr. & 
Pastor Charmayne Y. Lane 
the Senior Pastors.  
830-850 North Church Street, 
Wilmington, Delaware 19801.
Phone: 302-654-5588.

We left Ursuline Academy to go to a new location at New Castle Avenue in New Castle.  Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock is a senior pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church at that location.  Their website is:

The multi picture one the right is the 2nd anniversary of Canaan Baptist Church. We want to thank Foster Friess for coming to the Ursuline Gym and participating with us on that day. Foster Freeze is the man standing at the podium speaking highly of Pastor Bullock. His website is:

Christian Growth Ministries

These are some of Wilmington's finest police officers who assisted us.
They let the procession from 40th street to the new Church at Church Street.
I heard the Wilmington Police Department is hiring for Janators and Laborers.  When you call them give them the code Crossfire TC 21.
They also are in need of more Police Officers to help fight crime in the city.

Members of Christian Growth Ministries who came to assist with the move and to show support.

The House of Wright 

Mortuary & Cremation Services, Inc.


Thirtieth (30th) Anniversary

New Castle County

208 East 35th Street

Wilmington, Delaware 19802 – Ph: 302-762-8448

Kent County

48 East Commerce Street

Smyrna, Delaware 18877 – Ph:  302-659-5517

I knew Robert Wright’s Mother, she was a hall monitor at Bayard School.  She was always known to be a fair lady but she did not take any sass.

BBQ at Pastor Lane's Church last summer
with him singing with the band.
24th Anniversary of Elder Wilson Talor 2017
A few of his followers and Family came and said a few words about him and how he has influenced their lives.

Rev Drewy was a Deacon at Newmont Island Church at 3rd and Lumbard under Rev Morgan who was the founder of Newmont Island Baptist church.
Miss Gladys was a Sunday School Teacher at the Church.
Greater St. John Baptist Church's Anniversary
This is Rev Drewy L. Richardson
Families and Friends of Rev Drewy and
Greater St. John Baptist Church

Representative Charles Potter Jr. of Dover
Ms. Velda Jones-Potter 
City Treasurer