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Thomas Clay updated his status. September 28, 2016 · Redan, GA · I realize that I have to really step my game up even the more. You have to push for your own success, cause in this industry, people only focus on what's hot and making money. Vision and patients are no longer important. It's pay my bills and get on, mindset. It sucks when your eyes are open and you don't like what you see. But you have to keep going anyway. Alone. Cause when the crap hits the fan and mistakes are made, all the blame comes back on you. Walking alone, but blameless. I should be used to it by now. September 26, 2016 · Redan, GA · I'm learning, you can't even tell some people they inspire you, cause they feel like you stealing from them. Certain people don't like inspiring others, because they are too focused on achieving their own goals and being great (for themselves). When its on you, not much has to be done for what you do to be successful. If it's real and true, your gift will shine like a star. I learn from everyone, but I ain't like NO ONE you have ever seen before. Not cocky, I have learned who I am finally, and a lot of people don't like it. People love to say "you have potential" It's sign of "I see where you going" "you ain't there yet but you getting there" Stop letting people who ain't going no where control your drive.... front seat drivers do that. (the wrong opinions can change your drive) People on the outside looking in always have a better view of what they feel the truth is. Leave them folks outside.. The Most Highs work is undeniable. Thomas Clay September 20, 2016 · Decatur, GA · Wow. The Most High will soon reward those who stay the course.. But only if the heart is right. Only if the heart is right.. Thomas Clay September 20, 2016 · Redan, GA · I do not mind being wrong, because it's evident I'm fighting to get right, some folks are just wrong arrogant and foolish. Let your works prove what you say. Not afraid to be called off or wrong, I'm not the first person with a off mindset changing the world....😏 What has your life done to make anyone or anything better? College papers don't mean nothing in today's world depending on who you are and who you know. It's a lot of broke people with degrees out the ying yang, doing nothing at all but have a bunch of letters behind their names saying AND DOING NOTHING!!!

Thomas is a Bull in that whatever he decides to do he goes after full force and gets it done... his way.

Thomas was five (5) years old when he first came to live with the Woodlens.  He was a happy little boy but was very hyper.  One day he was told not to eat that apple and he snuck and ate it anyway and ran all through the house because of the sugar in it.

He was on Ritalin and the doctor had prescribed one a day to calm him down.  One a day was too much so Ms. Woodlen gave him 1/2 at bedtime so he could sleep at night and not fall asleep in school.




At six (6) years old he got a standing ovation for his piano recital at Church.


He started with beating on pots and pans because he loved drums and singing with Mr. Joe.  Mr. Joe loved this little guy.   From drums he went to piano then guitar and lead singing.  He was the leader nobody could tell him anything he wanted to do it his way he wanted to sing his songs the way he wanted to sing them and do what he wanted to do.

TC at the Iron Hll Church as a child.  He brought his drum sticks to play along.  He came with Louise Woodlen and her tambourine.  Bishop Thompson and his wife Nanny (the worship leader) can be seen on his right and Mr. Miller playing guitar.

At the age of fifteen (15) Thomas left to stay with other people than his family.

Today he has a son and his name is Tyrire Clay who is three (3) years old now and is following in his daddy's footsteps with drums, piano and guitar.

Above  is TC singing and saying I love you forever about Jesus Christ and GOD.
Below is TC's Dad Derral Scott. Mr. Scott was a Chaplain and worked for the Department of Corrections.

Comments that are dedicated to TC CLAY

1 year ago
Came back to watch this for the 100th time. And nothing’s changed 😢😢😢🙌🏽🙌🏽 I STILL cried. TC’s delivery, passion, worship, love, obedience, faith and trust  soooo thick! I felt it started overflowing in my cup because I needed more! Thank you Thomas. Thank you!

Emily Law
2 years ago
This man right here was my mentor! And when you are around him it was like a breath of fresh air. Some people underestimated his anointing and took it for granted! He would always say it will all make since after while. TC it is clear as day now, that you were larger than life and God wanted you personally sing for Him. I just thank God that I got a chance to have you as a friend. All praises goes to the most High God! You will always be missed but never ever ever forgotten. Rock the Heavens TC! ! :

Tiffany Chy’erre
3 years ago
Don't be surprised if he comes back to life. You have to be special to very special to carry this type of gift. THIS IS RARE!! I know it must've been overwhelming to be so tapped in. He is literally the best thing I've heard since the Tonex days.The gospel industry can't handle those type of aliens. These guys need our special prayers to stay strengthened. You don't know what they endure to deliver what God gives them. I love you TC!

Brandon Robinson
3 years ago
He carried the Glory of God. This is more than just the anointing. He brought the heavenly host to earth to give us a taste of heaven. Then he left earth to sing with the angels forever. He finally got to Gods face. RIH TC. Well done

Kelly Wickes
3 years ago
This man was amazing and a voice for God's children. I heard that the old school church was not to fond of the way he worshiped God with his God given talent. I'm going to say this, times are changing, people are changing, and worshiping God in their own way. If you are truly a christian, embrace his song and ministry because he is worshiping God. I do believe that the bible speaks about "being judgmental." Please practice what you preach and always open your heart to others. You may learn something....

Thomas Clay - Still Pushing CD



TC memorial page

In the world of music, artists are many but legends are few. And anybody who had the pleasure of seeing Thomas “TC” Clay perform agreed they were watching a legend in the making.

Clay wasn’t just a gifted musician and vocalist. He was also a songwriter, actor, producer and dynamic performer with more energy and stage presence than some of the most seasoned in the industry. The catalyst to TC’s passion was more than a love for music. His passion came from his love for God and what he had overcome in his life.

Delaware native Clay died in his sleep earlier this month at the age of 34, just after a Saturday night show in Jamaica, Queens (New York).

Clay was born Jan. 4,1982 in Wilmington, where he would cultivate his love for music. The talent was already in his genes since his father, Bishop Daryl Scott, was a gifted musician and his mother, Sharon Clay, was a talented vocalist. His adoptive mother, Louise Woodlen, pushed Thomas to pursue music.

TC’s love for music started at the age of 5 when he started playing instruments. His first love was playing the drums, and he eventually added guitar and bass to his arsenal of instruments.

Besides Clay’s natural abilities, it was his testimony that gave his music its power. With a history of trouble, abandonment, abuse, and homelessness, according to his Facebook page bio, TC unapologetically told his story so that others could experience the healing power of God's love. As a man, Clay was far from perfect, but it was his ability to be transparent that drew people to his ministry around the world.

Although Clay’s life and time in the gospel industry were cut short, his ministry was starting to take off in a major way. Clay had worked with countless established artists and producers like Rodney "DarkChild" Jerkins, Natasha Bradley of Jive Records, Tonex, Dorothy Norwood and Bishop Bruce V. Parham. He has also inspired thousands by sharing the stage with acclaimed artists like Tamala Mann, Vashawn Mitchell, Kindred The Family Soul, PJ Morton, Bilal, Raphael Saadiq, Kierra Sheard, James Hall and more.

Clay was the owner and CEO of ClayBoy productions, an independent production house offering artist development, music production, songwriting, vocal coaching and production. He also shared his testimony and life lessons as a motivational speaker.

As an actor in the musical theater, he had performed in several plays, such as "God Wants a Yes," "The Process" and the lead in "The Dreamer."

As far as albums, TC’s first EP was “Keep Pushing” in 2010, and in 2013 he would release the “Love Recording,” a live show recorded at The Resurrection Center in Wilmington along with his band, Evolution.

His sudden death Oct. 16 sent shock waves throughout the music community and has left a hole in the heart of many who loved him and were touched by his ministry and testimony.

Clay passed away in his sleep and was found in his hotel room after what was said to be yet another amazing performance at the Community Worship Center in Queens.

The impact that TC had on the entertainment industry was immediately felt once news of his passing began to circulate on social media.

Some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Tye Tribbett, Pastor Jonathan Nelson and David and Tamala Mann took to the internet to honor Clay’s talent and accomplishments while making sure that rumors about the circumstances surrounding his death stopped.

R&B star Jazmine Sullivan took to Instagram in an attempt to remember Clay in a long, awkward post that rubbed many of his fans the wrong way as it seemed to focus more on her than TC. She would eventually apologize. If there was any silver lining in the situation, it’s that the national media picked up the story, thus exposing more people to Clay's musical greatness.

Even though his bright career was cut short, Clay’s light will continue to shine. His unique style and sincerity in his music brought together people from all walks of life. TC didn’t just want to be another artist -- he wanted to affect people’s lives for the better by showing what God had done in his own life.

Clay leaves behind a 6-year-old son, adoptive mother Louise Wooden, sister Joyce Woodlen, and brother Earl W. Woodlen Jr., as well as a host of family, friends and fans. -




Unfortunate news to share as gospel singer Thomas TC Clay was found dead this weekend in his hotel room in New York by his manager.
The cause of death is unknown, but his industry friends have taken to social media to confirm his passing. Pastor Jason Nelson, in particular, went live on Facebook to dispel rumors surrounding the sad loss.
Thomas TC Clay’s family and friends are in our prayers…
I LOVE The Most High, my son, & this Music thing!!!
…and of course Food and Shed’s!!! LOL!!!
When someone witnesses Thomas Clay’s onstage energy, musical clarity and sheer passion, they find it hard to believe he has been musically serving Christ for only a few short years. But with a history of abandonment, abuse, and homelessness he has realized and now proclaims, “All I have is my worship” and transparently gives his all so others may see the healing power of God’s love. Raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Thomas has loved music ever since the young age of five. That is when he developed a passion for playing instruments. Today he is an acclaimed musician, singer, songwriter and actor. He has a passion for playing the drums and is gifted on the lead and bass guitars. He is also a talented producer who creates captivating vocal arrangements and vocal production.
Thomas has worked with countless established artists and producers like Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins, Natasha Bradly of Jive Records, Tonex, Dorothy Norwood, Virtue, Russell Delegation, The Bolton Brothers, and Bishop Bruce V. Parham. He has also inspired thousands by sharing the stage with acclaimed inspirational and soul artists like Tamala Mann, Vashawn Mitchell, Da Truth, Pastor Charles Jenkins, Jason Nelson, Jonathan Nelson, Tye Tribbett, Zacardi Cortez, JJ Hairston, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Kindred The Family Soul, PJ Morton, Bilal, R. Sadique, Deon Kipping, Kierra Sheard, Earnest Pugh, Eric Roberson, James Hall, and more.
Thomas is the owner and CEO of ClayBoy productions; an independent production house offering artist development, music production, songwriting, vocal coaching, and vocal production. He also shares his testimony and life-lessons learned from his past as a speaker and workshop facilitator. As an musical theater actor he has performed in several plays, such as “God Wants a Yes”, “The Process,” and the lead role in “The Dreamer.”
Today Thomas knows who he is and realizes what God can do through his gift of music. He understands that he doesn’t have this gift for idle enjoyment but rather a purpose. Under the spiritual tutelage of Bishop S. Todd Townsend and Pastor Jason Nelson, he has come into full knowledge of what his purpose is; to change lives with the word of God through music. Despite or perhaps because of his challenging past, Thomas says, “I am grateful that God chose to put a calling on my life that can have a major effect on the world. I pray that the Lord will continue to push and take me beyond my expectations as I grow in Him. Thomas is married to Inez who he describes as his “dream girl.” She is his right hand and supports him in every aspect of his ministry. He credits her with being his greatest mentor. Together they have a son. -Obnoxioustelevision.com October 17, 2016


Nicole McNeilOctober 19, 2016 at 3:01 am
Who cares how it happened.?? Can’t we just pray and grieve with his family without having to know every detail. He’s dead, and it was before his time. People are hurting, he impacted so many lives. Stop the rumors and just pray. Gospel music and the music world is suffering from a grave loss right now All we can do now is pray for comfort for the family and everyone who knew him R.I.P Thomas Clay.

Belinda Green Brown 20 Oct 16 at 10:24 pm
Thank You Nicole McNeil. I Truly Agree with you. Why does it matter how he died. The sadness is we have to have this conversation “because” he died. The pain would not be any different if he died from a heartache, overdose, car accident or a very long illness; the pain is that he died. Let us pray for the family, not add more pain on the family by what we say out of our mouth….OR type on media. If you had the opportunity to have met this kind-hearted gentle giant with his pure real spirit, you would not waste time wondering how he died. But you would be like the rest of us and thinking of what a major lost of such a talent and anointing is no longer with us. Remember, we all have to go this way and we don’t know how we are going to go. So be careful cause the Bible says you will reap just what you so; Good, Bad or Gossip, be-careful. Much Love and Prayer Goes out to my friend’s family.

T childOct. 23, 2016 at 5:23 am
I never saw him in person or knew who he was personally. I only saw a few clips on YouTube. the man was absolutely gifted and his life alone is a testimony that can inspire and encourage and uplift anyone despite their condition and/or situation. I don’t know what Jazmine Sullivan was doing she was making the tribute about her it doesn’t seem like she was concerned with the fact that a brother and a diamond is gone to heaven.. I say diamond simply because he was in the process of being made and was so close 2 perfection if not already there. my heart and prayers go out to the family. To me anytime a brother prematurely leave this earth for whatever reason it’s a shame especially Brothers like TC. Who wasn’t perfect and made it very clear that he wasn’t but also at the same time was not afraid to give the most high the glory the praise the honor and the worship he deserves.

Cynthia WilliamsOct. 24, 2016 at 4:03 am
Wow my heart is truly sad even though I know why God wanted him after I heard him sing and make it sound like he was a Angel blowing God’s HORN , He was a earthangel who was ready to go to heaven to receive his wings. I wish I could have heard him in person but I think God for blessing me to hear him sing one of his songs last on Facebook it really felt like I was there watching him as a Angel, I will meet you in heaven and I pray that you sing that song and blow the horns for me. MAY GOD bless your wife ,son and family and keep them covered in the blood of Jesus AMEN.

CamilleOctober 25, 2016 at 6:21 pm
Yes he was a living Angel and when I get to the pearly gates after I meet my Father in Heaven I want to be apart of TC Heavenly Choir

NicoleOctober 29, 2016 at 8:59 pm
I am so sad

renee cammileOctober 30, 2016 at 2:00 am
Rip TC May God give your Family Comfort and Peace

Nathleen HoltNovember 1, 2016 at 12:51 am
He’s in God’s Choir with some of the best

Tina Lauer November 2, 2016 at 12:35 pm
Oh what a blessing. He can read your heart and lift you up. Thank you. God for sharing such a wonderful gift. To his wife and son lean on the Lord for your strength. You both are deeply in my heart and my love and ever lasting prayers. You are both very special in the Lord.


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