Earl Wallace Woodlen Jr

Thanks mom and dad for bringing me into the world so I can go to work

Because my grand dad John H. Woodlen and he worked for the Disabatino's wherever my grand daddy worked he put his initials JHW and his boss put Disabentino


This is the Woodlen Family's Portrait of a loving loyal family who look out and take care of each other.

 Earl W. Woodlen,Jr., partners with the SPCA and donates his time to help feed the animals.  He brings his own food for the animals at times as well.  This helps the SPCA with the feeding of all the animals.

Mr. Woodlen is contacted all the time about animals people do not want or can no longer care for.  If there is room at the SPCA they will allow Mr. Woodlen to pick up the animals and bring them there to be taken care of and hopefully adopted.

He also get calls to just come and capture an animal that is being a nuisance and release it in a secluded area for wild life.

We are in need of donations for cages of all sizes and for the feeding of the animals at HTSH and to help care for the animals that come and go.


Ms. Waxteen is standing next to Earl on the right, her daughter is in from of her, Louise Woodlen is on the right side, Louise Richardson on the left side my mom's best friend, and Mrs. Waxteen's daughter is up in front.

 We went to Camden to help save souls with pastor Hare and HTSH networking. Signing at cross and saying prayers

Pastor Hare before Christmas for three Sundays in a row would bring in the kids and give them a book bag one week, a coat the next week and the next week a Christmas gift. Times are rough now and there are no funds for him to do these things.

He has buses going out in the communities on the East side and the West side of the city and bring the kids in and give them the Word and to let them know that they can be somebody one day if they work for it. This is probably the only time the kids get out of their neighborhood other than going to school


From left to right are Thomas Wynn, John Lane, Curtis Scott, Michael Williams and Earl Woodlen who received this award for being clean for several years. Also, Kenny Wilson who was unable to be there that day.

In the picture below you can see all the mail coming and going in and out of the prisons.  I (Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr.) am a volunteer and go in and out of Prisons visiting inmates trying to make a difference in their lives.

Danka is 14 years old and a freshman from Kenya.

I asked my man Danka would he do a video for me.  I am adopting him as my son since my other Brother Terrance Clay is no longer with us.  The track group came from Kenya to Partnership with the University of Delaware International Competition.  Thanks Rev Bullock for helping the lady teacher that made the trip from Kenya with them.




Earl right after the Praying was completed.

My name is Earl Wallace Woodlen, Jr. and I am a civil rights fighter for the people who cannot fight for themselves. They have fell down and we are going to bring them back up.
I was in Washing DC and my sisters prayed for me in this journey that I am on as a civil rights fighter let me make one thing clear if you want to HURT people we are in WAR.

If you want to HELP people we are on the SAME TEAM.

This has nothing to do with color I do not care what color you are it’s about good people having to fight the bad people again color has nothing to do with it. God loves everybody. Those are my sister praying for me.

First to Carl C. Danberg, Commissioner, for all the good work he is doing in the prison system.

Beau Biden of the Attorney General’s Office for not protesting his release from the parole board.  He will not let you all down.David Henderson of the Parole Board for the work he is doing for the guys who have been incarcerated before 1990 under the Old Law. Also, Warden Perry Phelps of J. T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Ron Holsterman head of Treatment who has the inmates evaluated so they can get ready for parole, Kenneth Milbourne, Supervisor MDT Board and Ms. Carol Evans the Deputy Warden of the Crest and the Plummer Center for all the help she is there.  Everyone speaks very highly of her.

Kevin McDonald President of TROSA and Earl Woodlen the CEO of HTSH at two of Earl’s clients, that he sent to Trosa, graduation.


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